15 Best Farm Animal Toys That Ensure Kids’ Fun Time

What Are Farm Animal Toys?

A farm animal toy is a representation of real farms looks like. Your kids have grown watching a few of them in movies or real and they can relate to them at once. They get a glimpse of what life in a farm would be like through these toys. This could be the beginning of an exciting adventure. 

Benefits of Farm Toys

The first and foremost thing is these toys make them happy. As parents, we want nothing more than this. Period! If you still want to know, then:

Here are the possible reasons:

  • Most of the toys that we recommend are colorful and bright, which can cheer your little one at once.
  • Not to forget, it kindles their learning.
  • This way they build their self-confidence while playing.
  • By playing and using their sensory motions, they learn faster
  • It helps them be more imaginative.
  • Moreover, these toys are very interactive.
  • Encourages group playing (teaches them teamwork) as well

Who Should Play With Farm Animal Toys?

These toys are popular among children aging from 3 to 5 years, but older kids can also play with them. Playing is a healthy exercise and honestly better than the gadgets we offer them these days. Kids within 1 to 15 years old can make use of these toys for various recreational purposes.

What Should You Look Into While Buying These Farm Animal Toys?

For starters, you want them to be durable, as you know toddlers have this habit of throwing. Below are a few things that can be taken into consideration:

  • None of these must be non-toxic
  • Have a look at the size
  • Try to invest in toys that are free of choking hazard
  • Find toys that add value to learning
  • Go through the recommended ages and choose accordingly

Reviews of 15 Best Farm Animal Toys

You can glance through this carefully sorted list of farm animal toys for more:

#1. Earlyears Farm Friends – Crinkle Book Baby Toy

You may find it surprising that we are staring with a toy like this that is not backed by a brand name. To be honest, when it comes to our children, we make no compromises. Be it a pricey piece of game or clothing, we try to give them the best. However, when it comes to playthings, we must present them with something that helps them learn while playing along. The Earlyears Farm Friends is a great example of such an amalgam.

This is an ideal farm animal plush toy for 3 to 18 months, but even older kids can play with it. It is soft and can make “tummy time” a bit more educational. Young children can learn how animals call with this award-winning toy. The pillow-like pages can be turned over and children get engrossed with its bright colors. So, you can simulate your child’s social skills, cognitive and motor senses in a fairly reasonable way.

#2. Munchkin Squirtin Bath Toy, Barnyard Friends

Nothing spoils your baby than bath time toys. We all know our children love playing during their baths and this Munchkin barnyard is a great stimulating toy for kids of all ages. These farm-inspired figurines can make bathing fulfilled and thrilling. Turn the
bathtub into a pond in the farm with pigs, ducks, chickens, sheep, cows and horses. Bath time becomes wow time!

These are a sturdy bunch of animals that do not fade away easily. Yes, they would not chip or break either with great effort (from little monsters). Kids can spurt, squeeze or simply let them float while laying. You can even clean them quite readily, which is a relief. Clearly a popular choice of many, it has succeeded to make its mark for sure.

#3. Fisher-Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm Set

There is no doubt that young kids will love to play with these toys and also receive education on how to care for animals. The toys are very easy to play with; the game begins with the button that says discovery. This button opens the doors of the stalls.
There is no doubt that this toy set the best farm animal toys that your money can buy.

This toy is a fabulous way of teaching your child to care for animals. As a parent you
can also be assured that the toys do not have any sharp edges that may hurt the

#4. Battat – Big Red Barn – Animal Farm Playset

Do you want to introduce your kids to a world imagination? Well, then go ahead and buy this animal farm set. This toy is designed to keep your toddler engaged for hours and also to help him or she learns. Simply unbox it and find a pig, sheep, and a cow waiting to play with their farmer buddy.

Buy this product as it is ideal for toddlers, this playset will bring them endless joy and also will help your young one learn about caring for animals. The toys are of the highest quality and are made from non-toxic material which is a huge plus point.

#5. ALEX Toys Little Hands String A Farm

This is the ideal set of toys that your kid should be playing with. Watch the hours go by as our child focuses his or her full attention on this. This is an award-winning product and it helps your child develop coordination between the eyes and hands. Expect your child to develop his or her skill in counting from a very young age.

Firstly, it is great value for money as the quality of the product it very high. Very safe for kids to use as it is non-toxic and is devoid of sharp edges. You can readily purchase this online.

#6. SCS Direct Farm Animal Action Figures – Big Bucket of Farm Animals

With this set of farm animal toy, s let your child dive into a world of discovery and imagination. The set includes animals such as sheep, ducks, horses, cows, and loads more. This 50 piece set will ensure that your child is engaged for hours.

The sales package contains many kinds of animals and their different forms so your child can start learning about them. This in a way will help to develop their vocabulary. This set of toys is ideal to help your child get in touch with their creative side. The toy set is worth the money.

#7. The Learning Journey: My First Puzzle Sets 4-In-A-Box Puzzles

Are you on the lookout for toys that will help your child develop good motor skills? Well, this puzzle set will certainly help your child move in that direction. This helps your kid develops their problem-solving skills through fun and games.  The puzzle has different levels where kids can solve puzzles that involve two pieces and gradually
moving to advanced puzzles that have a maximum of 8 pieces.

It is very affordable and it also serves as an educational tool for your young child. The toy is very safe to play with as it is made from cardboard and so there is no chance your little one getting injured.

#8. Fridge Magnets for Toddlers FARM Animals (28 pcs)

The foam magnets are very attractive and will grab your kid’s attention right from the start. The images on the magnets will keep your little one amused for hours together. These are just ideal for your kids to fine-tune their motor skills and improve their memory. There is no doubt that these are the best farm animal toys in the market right now.

These are very safe for your kid to play with as they are quite thick so they cannot be wallowed or lost. These can also be stored in a box which makes them easy to be carried around. The quality of these magnets is very good and is worth buying.

#9. Melissa & Doug Wooden Fold & Go Barn

The good thing about this toy is that it does not need to be assembled at all you can just unbox it and let your kids play with it. All the pieces are really colorful and will grab your child’s attention. The barn has separate stalls inside for every animal; kids can even mimic the sounds of each animal on the farm. You could get them to hone their skills by counting all the windows and the number of stalls in the barn.

There is no doubt that this toy set will open up a world of imagination for your kids. You need not worry about the quality as it is undisputed. None of the pieces have any sharp edges to them so your child will not get injured.

#10. Learning Resources Jumbo Farm Animals Set, 7 Pieces

With this set of toy farm animals, you can actually encourage your kid to imaginative and expand his or her vocabulary. You can actually make learning fun for your kids. The sales package contains seven toy animals which are made of strong plastic. They are designed very carefully so that kids do not have any problem holding them.

This set of toys is great value for money as the quality is outstanding. Good news for parents, the plastic is non-toxic and does not have sharp edges to them. This is readily available online. These are worth the money without any doubt.

#11. Green Toys Farm Playset

This is a fabulous set of toys that can encourage your child to develop strong communication skills from a very young age. With this, you can make learning a fun game. The sales package includes hog shed, fences, pigs, sheep, farmer characters, a truck, and a barn.

The product is made from recycled plastic and does not contain any toxic chemicals. Also, the finishing is really high class with no sharp edges that could cause discomfort to your kids. You should not hesitate in buying this product as it is worth every buck. This has also outsold every other brand in the market.

#12. Melissa & Doug Latches Barn Toy

Are you to help your kid develop good motor skills? Well, this set of toys can certainly help. The barn is made of strong wood and sports a coat of bright colors both on the outside and inside. Your kid could use other toy figures with this bar. This toy is effective in getting your child to practice animal and color recognition.

The product is great value for money. The finishing of the product is fabulous and it is evident that it will last for a very long time to come. The toy is very safe for children to handle on a daily basis.

#13. Playmobil My Take Along Farm

Do you want your child to develop good motor skills without being cranky? Well, this toy set can help you out. The sales package contains buggy, horse, dog, dog house, lamb, pig, cow, and three figures. This toy set is perfect for kids up to the age of 5 years.

You should consider buying this because it is made by a reliable manufacturer who has been in the business for years together. As a customer, you can rest assured about the quality and expect the toys to last. Plus the toys are free from toxic materials.

#14. VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Horse and Foal

This toy can actually help your child to hone his or her interactive skills. The horses have a button, when pressed it plays three songs that your child can sing along to. So, in this way your child will also have an expanded vocabulary. The light and sound is powered by dual AAA batteries. There is no doubt that this is perfect to
introduce your child to new sounds and words.

The smart horses are not only fun but tremendously educational. Just think how much your child will learn while playing with toys. Another strong reason to buy this toy is the high quality that it has and also there is no toxic content in the toy.

#15. Valefor Toy Realistic Wild Vinyl Plastic Animal Learning Party Favors Toys

Want to take the most adventurous creatures on a safari? By “most adventurous” we mean children, as we believe that all are adventuresome. A little dash of the wilderness, they will certainly become more delightful. With 54, yes and with “no repeats,” as they say, kids are going to have some gripping time with this one.

Giraffe, cheetah, elephant, hippo, gorilla, lion, rhino, tiger, gazelle, zebra and more, the escapade could be endless. Plus, the fences, grass and coconut trees only make it a special thing. In short, it is an assortment of happiness that children love to play with. What more do you want?

Children like to play with toys and this has been a trend ever since the Mesopotamian civilization. What looked like little bows; now may have been replaced by gaming apps, but the concept remains to be the same. These 15 best farm animal toys also are no different to it. Your kids will be exposed to endless learning and imagination. Some toys will enhance their cognitive skills and a few will work on their co-ordinations. Out and out, it will be all about learning seamlessly in an ambient atmosphere.