For most parents, getting a new family member is a life-changing moment. And it is only natural that we want best for our little one. Some parents start making plans very early, but for the majority, nesting instinct kicks in from fifth to eight months of pregnancy. It is for sure an overwhelming task. Before you decide to get it all for your baby nursery, think for a bit what you actually need in there. You won’t be a less good parent if you decide not to get just about everything for your baby. Nowadays, with plenty of items available, it’s very difficult to decide which one is essentially needed. It partially depends on your personal preferences, but several nursery furniture pieces are definite must have. Below items are just furniture basics but at the same time the great starting point for rest to come, regardless of your parenting style.


There is no doubt that crib is the essential and first item that will come to your mind when planning for baby furniture. I would rather recommend a simple model as they are very practical, but it’s up to you if you prefer one in more luxury style. Avoid convertible versions that transform from crib to toddler bed and later to full-size bed. Initially, they are more expensive, and although you may think they are money savers in the long run, most of them look very strange in the non-crib model. And believe me, you will prefer to get a new bed, as your sweet angel grows. Your kids would enjoy participating in choosing their new bed as they become older. Some of the cribs come with storage drawers but don’t let it be your decision maker, as these drawers are usually small and less functional. Instead, focus more on the good quality mattress to match with it, and beddings too. After all, it is where your little bundle of joy will spend most of the time during the first several months.

Changing Station

Changing station is another essential furniture item, positioning high on new parents furniture plan list. I would recommend not to go with a dedicated changing table as it will take a lot of room space, although some parents prefer to get it matched with your baby crib. The changing table can be preferred for its height as it can be a back pain saver, and in this case look for a model with side rails for added safety and a waterproof pad with a washable cover. Another highly praised and very practical solution is placing the changing station on top of a dresser. Realistically, you will use changing pad only in first several months and once your baby grows out of it, by removing changing pad, you will still have a very useful storage place.

Nursing Chair

Nursing Chair or a glider should be on the furniture list of every new parent. Let’s face it, you will spend a great amount of time nursing and rocking your little one to sleep. Traditional hardwood nursing chairs are still in the offer but you may find newer, lightweight options too. Try to focus less on beautifying design, but rather on the comfort of the chair. Plan to place it close to the crib and try to get matching foot rest and lots of pillows for back support. Small side table would be a great addition and helpful as a place for water, phone or some reading material for while you are nursing.


Maybe it is not essential but storage is key in every baby room. Regardless if its closet, open shelves with boxes a freestanding armoire, baby wardrobe or dresser – one is sure, you will need a lot of storage place to organize all of their little clothes, shoes, toys, bedding, diapers, etc. I would suggest marking boxes with clear and visible labels as it appears to be very useful especially with a lot of new stuff to organize. In case you have open shelves, if you want easy access, keep lids off the boxes.

Dark Shades

Most parents never think about it, but dark window shades or blackout curtains are very important for their baby nap time. Especially at the beginning. It will take some time for your little one to start sleeping normally outside the womb. Dark Shades or curtains will play an essential role to help your baby get to naps quicker and hopefully get you as a parent to enjoy a bit of well-deserved rest time.

Soft Low light

Another point that is worth considering is soft low light. It is not very important for your baby’s sleep to have soft low light in a room or sleeping area. It is more convenient for you as a parent. Babies are not afraid of a dark, but a soft low light will make a soothing atmosphere for them and at the same time it will keep you from bumping into furniture and stuff, as you move around the room in the middle of the night for a feeding.


This item should be one of less important on your list. Many parents would agree that mobiles are one thing you don’t really need. Newborn baby vision is not developed yet to focus on mobile above the crib. Also, some mothers believe that mobiles distract their older babies from sleeping. In the end, it is entirely your decision to get and install one, but it will not aid your baby in sleeping for sure.

Guest Bed

It cannot be counted as essential, but a guest bed or futon will be a helpful addition if you have enough space for it in a baby room. Very often during frequent nursing, you will be too tired to go back to your room for a short sleep, and it will be more convenient to have a place just to lie down. When you the start of sleep training, it will be a convenient spot for you to wait. Additionally, it can be a cute corner for a reading time, and a perfect additional sleeping spot for grandmother.

Final Word

These suggestions will hopefully help you with planning and crafting your essential furniture list for the nursery. Have in mind that above are only suggestions and each parent should plain it according to their preferences. Regardless of how your list will look like at the end, make sure you enjoy every moment while crafting it and make it an enjoyable experience for your growing family.