Product namesBottomlineBuy from Amazon
MAM anti-colic milk bottleRight flow of milk, easy to drink laying in the crib
Comotomo Baby BottleThis silicone bottle can mimic
human body and reduce rejection
Medela Breastmilk Bottle SetA safe baby bottle that can store
breast milk for hours
Philips Avent Natural
Newborn Baby Bottle
Helps your baby get a natural latch
to the bottle, which in turn assists
moms to take a break at times
Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti
Colic Baby Bottle
Has a unique angled design that is
very comfortable for feeding your
NUK 14074 Elephants Baby
Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple
Adorable designs make these anti
colic and BPA free bottles a must
Philips AVENT 4 Piece Natural
Baby Bottle with Seahorse
Ergonomic grip helps parents to
feed their babies with ease
Munchkin Latch BPA-Free
Baby Bottle
These set of bottles have a natural
latch that makes it easy to feed
Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles Girls
6 Pack - 3 (8 oz) Lavender and 3
(8 oz) Pink bottles with new
This set is free of phthalate, lead,
PVC and BPA and comes with a
vent technology that keeps your
baby safe
Baby Brezza BPA FreeThese BPA free bottles are simple
and they make feed times fun for
Tommee Tippee Closer to
Nature Bottles
Award winning design comes with
anti-colic valves

Being a parent is no easy job and finding the right bottle for your child could be a big problem. The problem lies in the fact that with a newborn or baby in tow, no parent has the time to browse through the racks for that perfect baby bottle. So, what would do when you may need a bottle for your baby? Don’t worry for now, as we have got you covered for this. We have made a list of the best baby bottle for formula. We would request you to read it until the very end and then decide which suit of your need best.

As a new parent myself, I have let my son used a lot of milk bottles from different brands including NUK, Pigeon, Avent Phillips, Comotomo and MAM, etc.

Why did I do that? Because since we still need to change the milk bottles every 6 months, why not try a different brand? There are consequences when I keep on trying different models and brands like that. So, you don’t have to follow, this is going to save you time and money.

In this post, I do not compare the size of milk bottles, but solely focus on brand and quality comparisons. So, let’s begin with each brand as below: 

11 best Baby Bottles


#1 MAM anti-colic milk bottle

This milk bottle is the top brand among the others because the most important, the latch was made with orthodontic in mind. The latch’s shape is a copy of baby lip’s shape, it helps when our child is 7 or 8 months when their teeth grow. For other brands, the latch is round and thus, it might affect teeth’s shape. 

Also, the bottle itself is a hard substance, so baby can still feed both day and sleeping time. Unlike Cocotomo, its bottle shape is soft. So, when our baby is being fed laying, if they squeeze the milk bottle, the milk will come out all over the baby’s face. 

There is a separatable bottom which functions to manage ventilation inside the bottle. So, it is believed to be able to keep the quality of milk longer than other bottles. 

The latch flows milk is just right for baby. Without baby’s lips pressuring the latch, milk won’t flow out even when it is placed upside down. And playing with milk bottle is what our baby does when they grow older, they shake to whatever positions when they are full. So, it is important to choose a milk bottle that has hard bottle body and a latch that does not flow easily. So, MAM is the best brand I would like to recommend.

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#2 Comotomo Baby Bottle

Now, if you are trying to establish that connection with your baby during meal times, then opting for this 100% silicone baby bottle could be a good idea. This bottle mimics the human body quite well and as a result of this, it reduces the chances of rejection. Moreover, Comotomo is a well-known name in the baby products industry.


  • The silicone used in the bottle and the nipple is of food grade
  • Has dual anti-colic guard with two large vents aids in air circulation
  • The ultra-wide neck of the bottle makes cleaning a breeze
  • It is skin friendly and the soft grip makes it cozy for babies starting to grasp
  • Safe as it is free of BPA, Phthalate or PVC
  • Dishwasher safe and heat resistant


  • These bottles seem to fit tightly into diaper bags
  • If you are using a bottle warmer, then you may have to wait for longer than expected

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#3 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

This award-winning bottle deserves to be on this list of the best baby bottle for formula because of its design. That is correct, the shape of this bottle and the nipple help to create a natural latch with its breast like curvature. This certainly reduces the chances of rejection in babies and for mamas, all we can say is that the extra broad mouth is easy to clean.


  • Most importantly, it assists your baby in graduating from breastfeeding to bottle in a trouble-free way
  • It is comfortable to grip and feed
  • It is a compact baby bottle that can make a lot of difference to your feeding time
  • Have anti-colic valves that help in circulating the air, which means little ones can ingest more milk
  • Comes with the ultimate assurance of being BPA free


  • The hourglass form keeps milk trapped in
  • Lid could be a problem for fitting

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#4 Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set

Truly, Medela is a dedicated brand that looks after mommy and baby are very well. This bottle that we are about to talk about is no exception to this. These pack of 3 BPA free baby bottles is designed to keep milk for a longer time span. Not to mention, that they are compatible with Medela breast pumps. This suggests mommies can store their breast milk in these containers and push off.


  • Cute looking bottle from the house of Medela
  • Does not alter the natural properties of breast milk
  • Mums find it easy to clean
  • Comes with a travel cap
  • It is a dishwasher safe baby bottle
  • Easy to read markings tell you how much milk you are feeding
  • You get a travel bottle cap with this set


  • The markings come off easily with regular use
  • The bottle cap is a must for traveling parents as it may arrest droplets of  milk in one place

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#5 Philips Avent Natural Newborn Baby Bottle

This is a pack of 5 anti-colic bottles from the best of names in the baby industry. Philips is a popular name for many a thing and Avent is one of the leading brands in the baby products space. Together, they combine to form a pact that is invincible without a doubt. Here are a few features of these bottles that may look promising to you:


  • Considered good for preemies as it has proved to be of great help for them
  • Wide nipples ensure that the baby gets a natural latch
  • This helps you combine breast and bottle feeding
  • You get 3 bottles of 4 ounces, 2 bottles of 9 ounces, a bottle brush, one soothie pacifier (that can calm down your baby anytime) and formula dispenser


  • The teats may be marked as slow flow, but they may be little different than the other brands
  • More or less, the teats may be

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#6 Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle

Playtex baby bottles have a unique design that can be angled from a semi-upright spot. This means you can feed your baby with ease, as you do not have to adjust the position of the bottle according to them anymore. You can use these bottles to prevent ear infections and the teats imitate the human anatomy very well. In reality, you can feed your baby in the most natural way.


  • Anti-colic make ensures that your baby does not get air while feeding
  • Can reduce bloating in young ones
  • You can comfortably feed your baby owing to its angular positioning
  • These bottles are easy to clean because of its wide mouth
  • Simple to assemble that makes your job easier without a second thought
  • Are BPA free and that certainly make them safe


  • The nipples tend to drip which could be a concern
  • The flow is really slow that you need to get used to

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#7 NUK Elephants Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple

NUK most definitely reminds your baby of its mom because the kind of realistic take off their teats can do is quite commendable. These bottles are anti-coli, gas and no spit up kind. This means your bottles are safe and they will not make your baby gassy at all. In addition to this, you get 2 nipples and 3 flow rates that you can adjust as your baby grows. Wait, that is not all, there more to NUK 14074 and we have recorded all that in this segment. Have a look.


  • Cannot help notice that they are super cute
  • The nipples mimic a mother’s breast very well, which is why the rejection rate is low with NUK 14074
  • Is anti-colic which means no air flow into the feed
  • It is completely BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe and is leak proof
  • The broad mouth makes it easy to clean


  • The nipples tend to leak from the slow flow position
  • As a result of this, these bottles spill milk

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#8 Philips AVENT 4 Piece Natural Baby Bottle with Seahorse Design

This pack of 4 baby bottles from Philips AVENT is really adorable and it can’t get better than these. The seahorse design, the wide mouth and the breast like nipples make it a perfect combo for babies around the world. Mothers trust this name brand because of their ability to understand the needs of babies. This makes it a reliable name in the baby products sphere as well.


  • The teats make sure that your baby gets a natural latch owing to their make
  • The bottles have an ergonomic grip which helps parents as well as the tiny little fingers to grasp their bottles
  • The cleaning is very easy because of the broad mouth
  • It is BPA free and safe to use


  • The nipples tend to collapse when babies drink from it and they need to be pulled out
  • The slow does not work at its best which is a worry for many

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#9 Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle

Finding the baby bottles for a breastfed baby could be a tad difficult job if you do not know what to look for. We have provided all that you would need and this Munchkin bottle is a way to celebrate with your baby. The nipples have an easy latch facility because of their careful engineering. Most importantly, this is a functional product that has many properties like:


  • An award-winning baby bottle that has made a lot of difference in the lives of moms all across in the U.S.
  • The natural breast like nipples make latching easily for your baby
  • Is anti-colic which means that baby will not get gassy
  • Comes with flow control that makes it easy to feed your baby
  • The bottles are effortless to clean that gives moms another reason to be happy


  • They fade out with regular washing and that could be little disheartening
  • Pricey for a baby bottle

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#10 Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Girls 6 Pack – 3 (8 oz) Lavender and 3 (8 oz) Pink bottles with new print

Yes, we know you have been waiting for this name on the list and we didn’t want to disappoint you by any chance. So, what makes the Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles this famous? Have you ever wondered? Their quality is their forte and nothing stops them from being their kind. The “vacuum free feeding” as they call it, makes these bottles extremely valuable.


  • Their inventive vent technology ensures that the breast milk or formula reaches your baby in a healthy way
  • It retains the nutrients in the milk as it is made from baby safe materials
  • No BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalate
  • This suggests that your baby will not be bloated if you use these bottles
  • Bid goodbye to burping, spitting up and gas forever


  • The color blind the fill lines and as a result, they do not serve any purpose
  • More or less, the lines are hard to read as well

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#11 Baby Brezza BPA Free

As the name suggests, these bottles are totally uncomplicated to clean. If your baby is in that transition between the breast and the bottle, then these bottles can prove to be of immense help. What more you need to know about these is that they are available in bright colors and that makes them a good buy without a doubt. Honestly speaking, these bottles add a bit of oomph to your baby accessories.


  • The ultra-wide mouth helps you clean the bottom with ease
  • The natural breast-shaped nipples make it simple to feed
  • This also helps your baby to latch on to it quite painlessly
  • Anti-colic as it does not allow air to pass through it by any means
  • You can even interchange the parts to lend them a different look


  • Beware if you are using microwave sterilization, because the nipples may melt
  • The nipples collapse while feeding which could be a terrible thing for some

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With so many brands and varieties, it may get a bit confusing for first-time parents, to buy the best baby bottle. Nonetheless, following our guidelines for this could be a way to find that bottle for your baby. Hope we have answered more than one question in this respect. We anticipate that we have been able to provide you with more than what you may have expected from us in this post. If you still want to know more, then let us know via the comments section. We will highly appreciate your gesture of sharing some more tips about this with the rest of the community.

How to clean baby bottles?

A worried mother will always try to give her baby the best and keep the feeding bottles clean is her top most priority for sure. If you are one such mother, then we have some helpful ways of cleaning your baby bottles.

  • The first thing is to dismantle the bottles
  • Then wash the parts separately with soapy water
  • You can use a mild dishwashing detergent
  • Use a baby bottle brush cleaner while scraping the sediments
  • Dip the bottles into hot water or boil them to sterilize them each time after use
  • You can either leave the bottles in the water or use a dry rack to dry them out

Benefits of the Best Baby Bottles for Newborn

There are quite a few advantages of using baby bottles and the first one is that of leveraging your time. That is right, we speak from experience and being a mother could be a demanding job. You have to wash the dirty linens, give your baby a bath and do a lot apart from doing the normal chores for your house. Feeding a baby from a bottle can make the task a lot easier. Here are a few more reasons that will convince you without any doubts:

  • You may not have to undergo the pain of breastfeedings like bite marks and engorged nipples
  • Feeding in public will be less embarrassing as you can feed your baby straight out of the bottle
  • As mentioned you can store your breast milk in a bottle for convenience
  • You will know how much your baby has eaten and when should be next feeding time
  • You can seek help from your entire family (like the father or your mother) and let them bond with your bundle of joy
  • It is fun to shop for baby bottles
  • You can go out and take a break, in spite of being a mom, if you are willing to  feed your baby from a bottle

When is the right time for introducing baby bottles?

The simplest answer to this question can be found in the fact if your baby is feeding on formula then giving them the best baby bottle for formula could be the way. However, if you are breastfeeding, then this could be a little complicated. Normally, for working mothers or for those that remain busy with household chores can store their breast milk in containers. The father or a caregiver can feed them with this stored milk. Yes, but then the nursing habit may be at a risk, one that you have worked really hard for. Yet, doing it alternatively (as in when required) will not cause you that much of damage. When the mommy comes to feed, the baby will only see this time as a special time. This will strengthen the nursing relationship all the more.

What should you consider when buying a baby bottle?

We know newborns need to be fed and for them, breast or bottle could be an option. In some cases, a combination of both serves them well and if you are planning to bring your baby a bottle, then you may have a few concerns. In fact, there could be tons of things that you would need to look into a baby bottle while buying one. We have a few pointers that can help you decide on the best baby bottle.

  • Body – You must choose something that is easy to clean and light in weight. This is why most people put their trust in plastic bottles over glass or steel.
  • Nipples – They could be breast like, the broad mouth ones or the normal ones. You need to find out what babily prefers during the nursing time and we would like to add that you must carefully select the nipples according to their age (for example 0 to 3, 6 months or above, etc.) for the right flow.
  • Safe – Plastic bottles last long, but you must make sure that they are BPA free, anti-colic, compliant with all the safety standards and FDA proved. It is a practical choice for many parents over a silicone or any such material.
  • Easy to clean – This attribute is a must have for any baby product and a baby bottle is no exception to this. Easy to dismantle and clean should be your priority while maintaining baby accessories.

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