How to Improve Your Child’s Diet Habit


Nowadays children are suffering from many diseases due to bad diet. Children all over the world are diagnosed with high cholesterol that may lead to diabetes and obesity. So there are some tips to improve your child’s diet habit:

#1 What you have to stop from your child’s eating habit:

  • Stop junk foods Excessive junk foods can make your child all-time ill. It will damage the digestive system and will result lose energy and focus, too many junks can affect your child’s growth. So stop giving junk foods to your child and don’t buy fried foods from the market. Cook in your house baked, grilled tasty food that your kid will like but having a good nutrition value.
  • Snacks all day Too many snacks all the day can cause die of hunger, your kid will not eat lunch or dinner as he will not be hungry anymore. This will cause a bad diet for kids. So scheduled your child’s diet, offer snacks two or three times a day. After breakfast feeds him after every two hours. Do not let overeating to save time.
  • Juice all the time Do not offer juice or milk as a meal, this will not fulfill the hunger. Two times juice or milk is good and meals should be filling with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats properly. Juice contains too much sugar that will harm.

#2 Do not make eating time serious:

When your child is eating make the environment funny. Tell him/her stories or comics, healthy jokes. It will help in digestion. Do not discuss serious topics like finance or child’s career. Have a happy eating time. This way your child will eat some good food which they may not like to eat due to taste. Also, avoid any loud music or TV during eating time as that may cause some trouble like food may stuck in nasal cavity, can cause of coughing.

#3 Type of foods to feed them:

Try all types of fruits and snacks. Add protein for lunch and dinner. Make your kid’s breakfast healthy and proper. Make tasty foods without oil as a replacement for junk foods. Do not forget the dessert (Yogurt is best).

  • Breakfast Your child’s breakfast should be proper. Give him high fiber foods like whole grain bread or roti, green and all color vegetables, fruits etc. Low-fat milk is good for children.
  • Lunch Lunch will be less heavy than breakfast. All type of vegetables should be in the lunch that produces vitamin A, B, C and high fiber. Give low carbohydrate foods like whole grain bread. Water should drink before and after the meal, don’t let them drink at the time of eating. After lunch dessert is a must.

#4 Dinner timing:

Do not feed them just before the bed; finish the dinner at least one hour before the bed. Dinner should be light than lunch or breakfast like soup, chicken stew etc. A heavy dinner will cause indigestion and your child will have improper sleep.

#5 Drinking water:

Tell your kids to drink water before and after the meal. Offer them water in the early morning. It will produce the whole day energy; they will feel fresh and energetic.

#6 Play time:

Your child should have their own play time with other kids. Take them to parks or playgrounds but do not allow video games or Indore games at home. These will make them lazy and less exercise or playing make them unhealthy and fatty. A proper exercise causes good digestion. From the toddlers’ time take them with you for jogging but not too much; see how much your child can bother. It will make your kid’s proper body structure. Proper exercise gives them strength for the whole day.

#7 Eating too much Carbohydrate is bad:

Some children do not like meats or fishes because of the smell or they are uncomfortable to chew it. So they eat a lot of carbohydrates like white bread, noodles etc. Too much Carbohydrate can cause obesity and type2 diabetes which is not good for a child. A child needs 18 grams of Proteins per day. What you can do is chop the meats finely, mix with other vegetables, or make soup of meats and fishes with vegetables. So they can’t understand the meats and fishes

#8 Do not band all the junks:

Do not band all the favorite foods of your kid then they will not listen to you. Ask them what they want to eat at least once in two weeks. Take them to the restaurant and give them grilled or baked food that will not harm. Cook good and healthy foods with less oil. Serving the food is an important thing that kids always notice, they always like a well-decorated dish. So decorate their plates with healthy things that they can also eat like fruits, salads. Sometimes junk foods also have a positive effect.

#9 Give vegetables:

Vegetables are necessary for children. After the 6 months of baby feed them vegetables, mash all the vegetable mix with water and make a paste and feed them. For a growing kid, vegetables are must, they enhance vitamins A and C and Fibers, these causes glowing and soft skin, well growth. Green vegetables like beans, peas, ladies finger, papaya, green bananas etc are essential. Carrot is very good for vitamin A. Kids sometimes don’t want to eat vegetables but these are necessary, make the vegetable sandwich or cook in a different way that your child will like.

#10 All in proper time:

Timing is very important. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner everything should be in time. Do not skip any meal especially breakfast. If you break the routine of the diet that will harm your child. Proper timely diet is a must. Make a routine and follow it.


So this the proper diet improvement tips for your children. You can consult a good nutritionist for a proper diet chart for your child. Now-days the whole market is cover with adulteration, unhealthy foods damages humans’ health especially children’s’ but though children’s dieting is a must. So these are the 10 tips.

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