How to Encourage Kid to Clean Up Their Room

Parents from all over the world have been looking for efficient ways to encourage their children to keep their rooms clean and tidy. Most kids are not into cleaning which is not surprising at all.
Do you remember when you were a kid and your mother made you wash the dishes after dinner? Has she ever told you that the first thing you need to do when you get up is to make the bed? Well, at least this was how I grew up and how my parents raised me. When your children start growing up, sooner or later they will find out that cleaning is not an actual obligation but just a necessary habit that can improve the overall condition of their room as well as of their lifestyle. Here I will share with you some of the most effective tips that you can use in order to help your children take part in the cleaning chores.
Try to think like your kid (this actually comes in handy not only when speaking about cleaning). Continually moaning, growling and scolding will not lead you to the desired results. Telling your kids what they have to do, does not always work. Most kids cannot understand what their parents are making them do. So, if you really want to make your kids clean their room, inspire them. Take some time and have a conversation about the duties of each member of the family.
Kids need to know that they are part of something essential. They love to be deeply appreciated. So, find ways to comment on them, even if they just picked up a sock from the floor. With time, the contributions will definitely increase, not only when it comes to housework.
Try to bring up your children with the expectations that we all should clean up after we make a mess. Kids will perform better if you treat them as equal and more like friends. Be kind to them and do not make them feel guilty if they spill a glass of milk or break a dish, for example. Instead, encourage them to clean up the mess by giving them a towel or a rag. Yes, you can get the cleaning done in a quicker manner if you do it on your own but we are here to encourage the little ones to help us, aren’t we? Do not get too judgmental or pushy because kids love to get stubborn and at the end of the day there will be no actual winners. Kids should feel that they want to help.
Next time, when your little one spill something, do not start scolding him or her. Go easy and say something like “Do not worry. Let’s clean it up”. When he or she does not make his or her own bed, pick up the pillow and ask the kid to help you, saying “In our family, we always take care of our duties.” If you learn how to approach in a more positive manner, your kid will not get stubborn or defensive and will know that it is his or her duty to clean up their own mess and do their own duties. When children hear sentences like “Let me help you clean it”, “You take the sponge, I take the detergent and we will clean it together” more often, they learn to be more responsible and become more organized.
One important thing, you must have in mind when bringing up your kids is that they are copying their parents. So, you need to make sure that you are the right example. Usually, children adapt more easily to what their parents do rather than what they say. So, imagine that you say to your little one “Make up your bed!” or “Clean your room!” while your own bedroom is cluttered. What do you think? Will he or she do something about it, will he or she take it seriously? To put it simply, if you keep your room clean, you tidy in regular manners, then I believe that your kids will do the same as well.
Another thing is that you need to avoid controlling language. You are not a dictator of the cleaning duties, are you? Go easy on your requests and you will soon notice that if you use the right words, you can easily encourage your kids to clean their room. You also need to make yourself clear. If you say something like “Bring your room in order!” there is a strong possibility that your kid will not know what exactly he or she is expected to do. Be more specific and try saying “put away your toys”, “put the books on the shelves”, “make your bed”.
If you really want your kids to clean their rooms instead of whining, dawdling and getting distracted, you need to start doing the cleaning together. With time, they will get used to it and will not need your help anymore. So in the beginning, supervising them from a distance, will not work. Also, remember not to put the bar too high. Kids were not born taught so you need to show them how something is done and they will quickly adapt to your ways. Once they learn how to vacuum on their own, for example, your participation is over. Another plus of cleaning together is that spending more time together will bring you closer.
Teaching your kids to do the chores from an early age and showing them how they can keep their rooms tidy can always lead to a positive outcome. Studies show that children who help around the household are more likely to be helpful in situations outside the home. Some kids might be slow learners, however, you need to be patient. Keep on encouraging them till they learn how to take good care of their duties and you will soon have responsible little helpers.
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