How to Avoid Cesarean Section


Those immature, tiny, delicate, and perhaps the most innocent living human being make their first entry into this earth either by C-section or by normal delivery, which we call natural birth. Today this content will put emphasis on how you can avoid cesarean or c-section and can have a normal delivery. Since Cesarean baby delivery involves a lot of cutting, critical, and another surgical process, many seem terrified thus prefer normal birth delivery. Today we will dig into how you can avoid Cesarean section.

In the past few years, it is seen that there has been an increase in the c-section delivery across the globe. This is because c-sections resolve delivery issues with medical complications and one can give safe birth to their baby. But before that, you need to be aware of all the facts of a c-section delivery.

Awareness about C-section or Cesarean Section:

Cesarean sections undergo a lot of medical procedures compared to normal delivery. Hence, it is better to have a normal birth than C-section. Though it’s totally a personal choice whether one wants to have a c-section delivery or a normal vaginal birth, yet one should have adequate knowledge about C-section.

Cesarean Section Complications:

These are the possible medical complications that can take place due to Cesarean section.

Patients often encounter complications post-cesarean section. Since c-sections cause major surgery in the abdominal is it comes with pain and other absurd situation in weeks ahead.

  • Research also says c-section delivery increases the chance of asthma to the newborn in near future.
  • Increases risk of internal infection and hemorrhage.
  • It also causes internal uterine scars that can create complications and pain later in life that too for a longer period.
  • C-sections often lead to a hernia.
  • C-section delays the milk formation within the mother and also quantity is less. Just when your baby needs breastfeeding the most, a c-section mother is helpless and they find difficulty in breastfeeding.
  • It often leads to difficulty in conceiving and increases chances of ectopic pregnancy later in life.
  • C-section also imperils the health of future pregnancies, leads to premature delivery, and also increases the risk of low birth weight.

C-section Delivery Side-Effects

No doubt risks come with all kinds of operation, but since c-section has to deal with a major operation in the abdomen, and pelvic area, it comes with few side effects.

  • Prolonged pain after giving birth and thus you need to intake pain relief medicines.
  • C-section also causes injury to the bladder or bowler.
  • C-section causes excess bleeding that often makes the new mom weak. Sometimes, it is also seen that the bleeding during the birth procedure is much more than what was expected. Therefore, sometimes one may have to go through blood transfusion.
  • The infection ratio in a woman after a C-section delivery is 1:12. Means one out of 12 women gets an infection on the lining of the uterus or the womb, discharge and redness in the wound, and also an infection in the urinary tract.
  • C-section is a critical surgery and any surgery leads to clotting of blood, which can be a serious side effect. The seriousness of this case depends on where the clot sticks. If the lodging of the clot is in the lines then it can cause life risk, which is not a healthy fact.
  • After a C-section during the healing period, it is seen that one even gets affected by the threat of adhesions. Though this case is rare, it can be painful as they limit the inner movements of your internal body organs. This case very uncommon and cannot be said how many women gets affected but whoever gets affected has a chance of less fertility in the future, if adhesions block any inner neighboring organs.
  • C-section is carried out with spinal or epidural as they lead to less risk than a general anesthetic, but anesthetic often causes some nerve malfunction post surgery. Though it only stays for a week or two, and permanent damages in nerve are very rare.
  • A severe headache is also noticed after a C-section delivery.
  • Causes injury to the bladder and the tubes connecting to the kidney after a C-section operation.
  • Sometimes C-section also requires a post surgery of removing the womb.
  • Cesarean also causes future issues in pregnancy.
  • It is also seen that a Cesarean birth also causes some emotional changes and negative feelings.

C-Section Procedure and Recovery

How is C-Section done? The surgeon uses a knife to do a horizontal incision in the abdominal wall and the skin. Some also get a vertical cut as per the situation. Once the abdomen is open another incision is made in the uterus and a side to side cut is made. The amniotic sac that wraps the baby gets the ruptured cause of this incision. Once the protective membrane that surrounds the baby gets ruptured then the baby is easily moved from the uterus.

Recovery Period:After Cesarean section, a woman needs to spend few days in the hospital, approx three to four days. But actual healing takes almost six months and it’s quite a long time. After the surgery one may feel sore in the abdomen area and the neighboring nerves. No heavy activities are highly recommended after a c-section, like; lifting heavy things, or running, too much up-down movement, etc.

Now after all these discussions above let’s give you some differences of C-section delivery and natural delivery so that it is easier for you to understand why natural birth is less stressful.

C-Section vs. Natural Birth

Babies enter into this world either of the two ways; (i) Cesarean section or C-section and (ii) Normal delivery or natural birth. Here’s the difference between these two.

C-Section Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Many are likely to go for c-section delivery as it saves time from long hours of delivery.

C-section also causes no damage in the pelvic floor. A C-section mother can plan their date of giving birth.

In case of twin babies or a baby with bit larger size, C-section helps.

Further if one have HIV or another infectious disease there’s a less chance of transferring the infection the newborn.

Woman those who cannot handle massive physical pain during delivery, goes for C-section as it is done via numbing the spinal area.

  • Cons: – Since c-section is a critical surgery one will need a longer period to recover than normal delivery. Unlike any major surgeries, C-section also comes with a risk of infection within the mother’s womb or the infected area. Though care and staying cautious will help in smooth recovery with time and will reduce the risk of the infection. This is not the case with normal delivery.

C-section often leads to respiratory issues within the baby. Breastfeeding also gets delayed in case of c-section, means you will not be able to have an immediate connection with the baby.

C-section sometimes causes accidental problems like nicking the baby during surgery, which can cause a severe damage to the baby and needs utmost attention for recovery.

Natural Birth Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: From the psychological point of view natural birth or vaginal delivery is considered to be the most non-critical and natural way to deliver a child, thus having positive outlook with the natural birth process.

Women who go for natural birth often feels they have active throughout the process and were in contact with their baby throughout staying cautious.

Women who go through natural birth delivery take very less time to recover than c-section delivery. Natural birth also causes to have a skin to skin connection between the mother and the baby.

Natural birth requires no massive complicated surgery and the bleeding rate is comparatively less than c-section delivery.

Natural birth speeds up the bonding with the newborn child and the mother. Natural birth also leads to a great natural formation of breast milk than c-section. This is an advantageous fact for baby’s health.

Natural birth is less prone to allergies and requires less medication than c-section delivery.

  • Cons: Natural birth can often be stressful for the mother as well for the family as one cannot be sure how long the delivery will extend.

Natural delivery leads to bruises in the vaginal area, which can be quite painful and disturbing. But taking proper care and staying hygienic heals it eventually.

In case of natural birth, a baby may have little complications during delivery and have a brain hemorrhage or injury. But thankfully this case is very rare. 

There aren’t many cons in a natural birth compared to c-section delivery.

Tips for Normal Delivery:

After going through all the pros and cons of c-section as well as normal delivery and its side effects, if you are planning to go for a natural birth then here are some tips for having a normal delivery. Since normal delivery is less critical most of the women choose normal delivery to give birth to their baby. There are even some women who wish to have a 100% natural delivery, as they are aware of the post period after a c-section. So, if you want to avoid any critical conditions in your delivery process then check out the ways below to have a greater chance for normal delivery.

  • Once you are pregnant and wish to have a natural birth start taking classes on natural labor and pain management techniques. Those pre-natal classes include; relaxation, self-hypnosis, breathing, exercise, and other coping processes.
  • There are also some yoga routines that help in natural delivery. Start taking those yoga classes for a natural birth.
  • Select a good health care provider who has greater experience in the natural birth process. People those who are on the same page are likely to give more productive and helpful guide to achieve a natural birth. Therefore select wisely after going through much study.
  • Another vital fact for having a natural delivery is not gaining too much weight. Labor process seems to go smoothly with the ones who are not overweight. But that doesn’t mean one should starve. A healthy and proper diet is necessary.
  • Spending early labor at home is beneficial. Your mind will stay calm which is necessary to have a natural birth. An increase in tension often leads to high B.P. which may affect the natural delivery. Thus stay at home, eat, drink, roam around and stay relaxed.
  • For those who don’t have any critical health issues go for low tests during pregnancy. No doubt some tests are significant during pregnancy but try to go for low-interventions and treatments in pregnancy.
  • Spend longer time in contact with water, Use hot shower, bath tub, hot compresses, as they help in easing the pain before natural delivery.
  • To have a natural delivery use your pre-natal knowledge and education. Listen to music, talk to your family members to forget the stress and try to stay calm. Do meditation, move, and relax, breath in and out slowly. All these will help to have a natural delivery.
  • Unless there’s any serious medical condition avoid any kind of induction production.
  • Only read the best books on natural childbirth.
  • And most importantly trust your body in order to have a natural delivery.

Apart from all these, there are few more vital points to have a natural birth and avoid c-section. Here are some useful tips in details.

  • Choosing the right midwives during pregnancy is important. Midwives are often considered helpful for guiding a successful natural delivery. Therefore, choose certified midwives as they can guide you correctly throughout.
  • Many women aren’t aware of a doula in the field of medical treatment. They lack information about such services. So, if you are in your pregnancy time, ask for the experience good doulas as they are of great help. They are not certified medical professionals, nor any medical guide but their care, support and experience works wonder and helps to boost labor process. Note one thing here, doulas are not part of the hospitals so they will not be included in your medical bills and will be charged as extras. So, consider about their charges before seeking doulas. They can charge from few hundred to even few thousands depending on their demand and experience.
  • Start opting for a natural birthing class that teaches and trains you for normal delivery. Try to gather more information on avoiding c-section and go for a natural birth. The natural birth classes focus on proper breathing techniques and how to avoid any pain during normal delivery. They teach positioning and breathing for such cases that help you to have a natural delivery.
  • A proper balanced diet and exercise are necessary. Obesity is one of the risks that often require you to go for c-section. Thus following a healthy diet is necessary. Do make sure your daily diet chart includes these things; fresh fruits, fish, meat, egg, tofu, and milk of fewer than 6 ounces daily. Maintain a diet that has the inclusion of four groups of food such as vegetable, cereals, grains, and protein. If you are too concerned about your diet then you can discuss with your doctor and midwife for giving you a diet chart from breakfast to night meal.
  • Exercising is must throughout your pregnancy period. Go for a regular walk, exercise to keep your body fit and energetic. But low impact exercises are recommended. If you lack knowledge then it’s better to recommend a fitness trainer who can help you with pregnancy exercises, yoga, and meditation. Meditation and yoga is a good way of having a natural birth. They accustom your body to have a vaginal birth.
  • After your first trimester avoids any such exercise where you have to lie on your back. Avoid horse riding, skiing, and any critical sports during this stage of your pregnancy.

Chances of C-Section:

In an average one out of three women are likely to have a c-section delivery. Women those who deal with various health issues also have chances of c-section delivery. Those who have overweight also have a chance of c-section.

Sometimes if any mom to encounter any critical medical condition then they are suggested for a c-section delivery for a safe birth to the baby.

Women those who are expected with twins also go for c-section.

Chances of C-Section after Natural Birth:

If the medical report says you have chances for a natural birth after giving Cesarean birth then there’s no issue. You can always opt for a natural birth after a Cesarean birth. If you are still the perfect candidate for VBAC, which is known as “Vaginal Birth after a Cesarean” you can have a natural delivery with no medical issue or risk.

A woman who has given birth naturally to her first baby can easily go for a c-section delivery during her second delivery. Vaginal delivery boosts any odds within the mother body and thus c-section after a natural delivery has higher success percentage.

That’s pretty much all for avoiding a Cesarean section baby. Nonetheless, what matters is a safe and healthy delivery of the baby. No matter whichever delivery process you choose, the safety of the mother and the child is of utmost importance.

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