Comparison Table of the Best Potty Training Seats

NameWhat we likeWhat we don't likeBuy from Amazon
#1 Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer Ladder for Kid and BabyFDA certification says it allThe steps are too broad for a toddler to manage
#2 Summer Infant My Size PottyThe design that resembles an adult toilet and makes it easier for children to associateThe lack of rubber pads makes it move
#3 Potty Training Seat For Boys and Girls | Toddlers Potty Ring For Round And Oval ToiletsJessa Leona Baby always puts safety of your baby firstDoes sit flat on a toilet
#4 Den Haven Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool ladderThe bright colors, contoured design and the non-slip pads make it worth a tryDoes not fit into oblong toilets
#5 Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat, pinkVery safe and affordableUrine shield takes up some space
#6 The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 3-In-1 Potty System, Graphics May VaryMulti use potty with Mickey Mouse for further assistanceThe seat shifts as it is detachable
#7 Potty Chair 2 in 1 – for Toilet Training Toddlers with High Back SupportSimple potty with a high backrestToo plain to deal with
#8 Fisher-Price Stepstool Potty, Royal, Blue/WhiteEasy to clean is its biggest attributeThe round shape of the potty could be a concern
#9 Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush PottyIs a realistic potty with water soundsMusic plays by itself at times
#10 The First Years Training Wheels Racer Potty SystemVery cute and attractive pottyLow in height

Potty training is a must for children between the ages of 18 months to 3 years. The fact is babies need to learn how to excrete in a hygienic way. This is the most important thing that we need to teach our children and there are no doubts about it. This is why we have dedicated a whole post to Best Potty Training Seat. Make sure that you read this post until the end to get a fair idea of how to choose a good potty seat. You will notice your toddler slowly growing into an adult and this is a major part of that transformation.

Why is potty training important?

This is an integral part of growing up, as civilized humans are required to eliminate in private and in a sanitized way. We need to explain it to them that discharging into a reserved bin, cleaning you and then washing it away are the right ways of doing it. The society calls for and it is best for your sanitation as well as keeping your self-esteem. Not to mention, it keeps the environment safe from all those disposable diapers too.

Who is it for?

There is no official age for potty training your child. Usually parents of toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3 years prefer preparing their children for this process. Again, it must be noted that many believe boys tend to take a little longer in comparison for getting potty trained, but this is just a fad. Undoubtedly, a portable potty could be a good investment for your child in the long.

Potty Training Seat Buying Guide

When start to shop for the best potty training chair, you may be overwhelmed to see that the market is brimming of choices. How do you wade through these many products to reach the one for your baby? Don’t worry, we have found a few pointers that can help you in this respect.

  • Price – Be realistic and keep it under $50 at the maximum, as you may need replacement.
  • Easy to clean – Should be effortless to clean and it must take long to empty it out as the longer you keep it, the more germs will build up in it.
  • Size – This means your baby must be able to sit into comfortably. For example, your child’s bottom will fit into the top seat of the potty to be considered as the best potty chair for toddler.
  • Storage – Should be easy to store anywhere in your house and you must give this a serious thought.

Are there signs that tell you they are ready?

Yes, there albeit are signs that will tell you your baby is ready to go to the next level. Nonetheless, you must be able to read into their behavior before you jump to any conclusions. Monitor your child and you may come across indicators like these:

  • The first thing would be to wake up dry from a nap
  • Check for dry diapers when used for long time
  • Shying away while pooping or peeing
  • Pulling at a soiled diaper or getting irritated in diapers
  • Copying adults while using their toilets


Q1. Is it easier to potty train girls over boys?

Ans. Although, there is no proof that girls are easier to train, yet what we can say is that they are babies and you have to work equally hard for both of them.

Q2. How can you make it sure that they ask you for a potty chair?

Ans. You need a lot of patience as you need to make them practice about this and there is no way out. Training a baby for anything does not come easy. Yes, we are the ones that need treats.

Q3. How to make potty training fun time?

Ans. Fill your schedule with dance and songs, tell them stories and just keep their mind off training. Sometimes talk to them and walk them to the potty as if nothing is new! That should do the trick.


Okay, this may seem to be gross and difficult diaper changing. However, you have to do it, as you have to keep the potty sterilized all the time for maintaining good health of your baby. Here are a few easy steps that will help you clean the potty:

  • Carry the urine and the feces to your toilet carefully
  • Empty out the contents into your toilet and flush
  • Clean the edges of the potty chair with tissue and wipe it nicely
  • Take out the dish and wash it with soap and disinfectant
  • You can use a solution of bleach and water to keep it sanitary every week

Top 10 of the best potty chairs

We have collected a list of 10 of the best names for you to pay attention.

#1 [FDA Certified] Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer Ladder for Kid and Baby, Children’s Toilet Seat Chair, Toddlers Toilet Training Step Stool for Girl and Boy (Blue)

Ostrich is a well-known name in the field of baby products and this step trainer listed as one of the best potty seat for elongated toilets. This is a sturdy piece that will help you potty train your child at your own convenience. This provides independence to your child and they can enjoy excretion surrounded by lively colors.

The GoodThe Bad
- FDA certified and that makes the difference
It is easy to store and you can fold it, to stash it away
- You get a baby cushion with this bundle
- Most importantly, it has anti slip features
- It is super easy to clean this potty chair
- It does not require you to be an expert to assemble it
- Height is not adjustable in spite of its claims
- Big for toddlers and adult supervision is a must for this

Key takeaway

We would suggest that you can hardly come across a potty that has been approved by FDA. This one has been, don’t you think it is worth a shot?

#2 Summer Infant My Size Potty

This Summer is a superb mix of adult like potty and a potty trainer. It has attributes that are considered good for both girls and boys alike. The interactive flush makes it interesting and the tissue storage certainly teaches about how to maintain hygiene. It has more to offer and we have discussed all that in short in the forthcoming segment.

The Good

  • It looks like a realistic potty
  • Cleanup is relatively simple because of a removable holder
  • There is a flip up lid that assists in teaching little boys how to pee standing
  • It has a clip on guard that comes handy especially for boys and this makes it the best potty chair for boys
  • The toilet handle transforms potty training into a fun activity

The Bad

  • At times it slides as the potty lacks rubber pads underneath
  • The urine guards needs careful handling

Key takeaway

The design of the potty certainly adds to the fun as kids can actually relate to it. This makes training an effortless task.

#3 Potty Training Seat For Boys and Girls | Toddlers Potty Ring For Round And Oval Toilets | Secure Non-Slip Surface With Convenient Storage Hook

Undoubtedly, Jessa Leona Baby is the one name that crops up, the moment we discuss baby safe homes. They have it all, corner guards, safety locks and now this potty seat that does not slip. Although, it has a stylish design, yet it does not give up on the safety factors as this potty seat comes with non slip ring under it. Not to mention, this makes it stable and secured.

The Good

  • Its attractive design makes your toddlers want to go more pee pee
  • Made from soft to touch material
  • This provides your child with the much required comfort during such a crucial time
  • Is a light in weight potty seat that prevents bacteria from breeding in it

The Bad

  • Does not sit flat on an adult toilet
  • It may swivel a little and this is why you need adults to supervise

Key takeaway

As far as child protection is concerned, you have nothing to worry when you are investing in a Jessa Leona Baby product and this one is no exception to the rule.

#4 Den Haven Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool ladder, 2-In-1 Trainer for Kids and Toddlers

This indeed has been dubbed as the best potty chair for toddler boy and a girl for a reason. It has anti slip splash guards to hold for tiny hands firmly and the broad stair helps them sit with ease. Potty training was never deemed easy, but these new age trainers have been carefully engineered to support the little tykes in the best possible ways.

The Good

  • Is perfect for training toddlers and younger kids
  • The bright colors add to the excitement
  • Safe to use because it does not slip
  • This potty has been designed with a contour
  • The pads have been lined with rubber and are not slippery as a result
  • It fits into all standard toilets without much of a hassle

The Bad

  • Cannot take a lot of weight without a doubt
  • Manufacturers could make it to fit oblong toilets as well

Key takeaway

The fact that this can folded and stored quite easily makes it our go to potty seat for sure.

#5 Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat, pink

The first thing that we can say about this potty is that it is pretty and just the right thing for your baby girl. She can sit high comfortably on this potty because the armrests add to it. In fact, it has two heights that you can adjust according to your needs. Do you want to know more? Read on then.

The Good

  • Cute looking potty
  • You get a brand name like Fisher price
  • The backrest is high enough to support your child
  • It is very secured and keeps your child relaxed
  • Has a splash guard for boys that is another advantage
  • Easy to clean because the one piece bowl does not make it messy

The Bad

  • The urine shield actually cramps up the place and makes it smaller
  • Not recommended for taller toddlers at all

Key takeaway

As a Fisher price it is non toxic, safe and durable with smooth edges. Affordable pricing from a name brand is one more point that makes you think in its favor.

#6 The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 3-In-1 Potty System, Graphics May Vary

No one can ignore the Disney glamour and this potty is no different to that rule. Parents like us that have grown with fondness for Disney and its characters, cannot disregard this for sure. A Disney potty for your child is actually the first key to the world of imagination. This can actually help you accomplish an objective with Mickey. Besides, who has the heart to say no to Mickey?

The Good

  • Super cute potty training session with Mickey
  • Can be used as a standalone potty or you can use the seat on your toilet for older children
  • With the lid closed, it can be used as a stool for standing
  • The pretend flush makes a revving noise
  • Made from quality plastic
  • The rubber feat lend stability to it

The Bad

  • The pee guard is not very high for little boys
  • The seat tends to shift, especially when the child gets up

Key takeaway

Potty train your child with Disney’s most famous character, Mickey Mouse and use this set in multiple ways as per your choice.

#7 Potty Chair 2 in 1 – for Toilet Training Toddlers with High Back Support

This is a product that you should look up to as it not only makes the transition smooth for your baby while potty training but makes it simple for you as well. It is simple to use and does not come with a lot of promise because it assures you one thing and that is of potty training your child. As simple as that!

The Good

  • High backrest makes it super cozy
  • The bowl is easy to remove
  • That suggests cleaning is effortless which in turn implies that hygienic disposal is very much possible
  • It is non slip, which means it is safe
  • Comes with 100% happiness guarantee (if that is what your main concern is)

The Bad

  • Does not come with fancy sound effects
  • It has no pretend flush or anything lavish to offer (in case you are looking for one)

Key takeaway

As mentioned above, it is an undemanding potty that lives up to its expectations. All it does is aid you to potty train your child.

#8 Fisher-Price Stepstool Potty, Royal, Blue/White

This could be termed as potty training in a royal way with Fisher Price. This is the first step that your baby takes towards their independence, there could be nothing can beat a Fisher Price here. Most parents, like us believe potty training to be a huge development and we all agree that it has to be fun filled.

The Good

  • This is a very light in weight potty
  • Works like a standalone potty or you can use it as a stool as required
  • The bowl is removal
  • That certainly makes it easy to clean it up
  • Like any other Fisher Price gear, this one also keeps your child’s comfort first

The Bad

  • The splash guard is a questionable feature on this potty
  • The seat is round in shape instead of a oval one

Key takeaway

Trust us, potty training your child with a Fisher Price product is going to be adventure. What makes it more interesting is that it is a quest of your lifetime.

#9 Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

This is a realistic potty from the house of Fisher Price that cannot go wrong while potty training your child. This could be considered as the best potty chair for girl as well as a boy because of the flushing sound and regular toilet design that it mimics. It grows with the baby, as you can use both ways, one as a potty and then use the potty ring as a potty seat. There is more to this set and we have jolted all of that in discussion below.

The Good

  • Attractive design makes your child happy
  • The hand guards keep your toddlers safe
  • Supported by music, flushing sounds and “twirling water” activities
  • The removable bowl makes cleanup a breeze

The Bad

  • Needs to be dried every time you clean (like any other potty)
  • Sometimes the music starts playing on its own (although there is an off button)

Key takeaway

It is a practical potty that you can use the way you want. You can use it as a potty for babies and take out the ring, place it on your toilet to make your preschooler sit at ease.

#10 The First Years Training Wheels Racer Potty System

Innovative products have given a new meaning to modern parenting. With so many products to choose from, life could really get overwhelming at times. Today, we discuss one such product in here called the The First Years Training Wheels Racer Potty System. It has a completely different design from conventional potties and can in reality make potty training extremely enjoyable.

The Good

  • Too cute to resist
  • Can be used as a potty, as your child grows, you can use the potty seat on your family toilet
  • Does not skid
  • So is regarded as a secured potty
  • The pot can lifted easily for trouble-free cleaning
  • Comes with a pee shield

The Bad

  • The bowl is small and you could expect little messy floors if you have boys around (while training)
  • Another problem is that it is very low in height

Key takeaway

Its unique design is very motivating for potty training the young ones. The removable potty seat can be use on the family toilet adds to its usability.


To be honest, you must offer the best potty chair to your child. Remember their comfort is your primary concern here and there is no way you can compromise that. Our advice would be not to force them and look for signs that show you they are ready. We have explained all that in this post and we hope you will look for the indicators. Just stick to the basic rules and you can put a smile on your baby’s face by helping them eliminate properly. Make sure that you keep the potty clean all the time and that should do it.


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