When it comes to breastfeeding in public, it is extremely important that you feel comfortable and secured in what you’re wearing. Whether you choose to use a cover-up while nursing is up to you, but it is crucial to be at ease as your baby will sense any discomfort and may not feed as well.

Try to choose a comfortable spot that will provide good support for your back, so you and your baby can feel relaxed.

If you are feeling nervous about breastfeeding in public for the first time, it can be quite helpful to practice at home with any new nursing tops or dresses. This will help you get used to their design and allow you to feel confident in using them effectively and discreetly.

To offer yourself and your baby some privacy, you may wish to use a cover-up or up to you and whatever makes you the most comfortable.

A good staple for your nursing wardrobe is a nursing bra, which will enable you to breastfeed easily while still offering you support if you need it.

Unlike your regular bra, nursing bras are designed specifically for breastfeeding so they can be far more comfortable to use and won’t damage the support structure of your bra.

If you feel more comfortable without wearing a bra, nursing tanks are a great option too and will still allow you to secure your nursing pads discreetly. A tank can also provide extra coverage underneath nursing tops or dresses that need to be lifted, opened or pulled aside.

Here I have compiled and reviewed a list of the ten best nursing shirts for breastfeeding outdoors that I have found and recommend.

They are all easy to use and offer complete comfort, whilst also being stylish and fitting seamlessly into your wardrobe. Maternity wear can be expensive but these options are great value for money without skimping on quality or style.

#1/ Smallshow Women’s Maternity Nursing Tops Short Sleeve Breastfeeding Clothes

tshirt for breastfeeding in publicThese nursing shirts are an excellent option and top the list due to their comfort, ease of use and affordability. They come in a pack of three and are available in a wide range of colors, making it easy for you to mix and match them with your wardrobe. They are not the most fashionable choice in this list, but they are simple and classy, a perfect staple for everyday use and can be layered with other items or dressed up with some nice maternity jeans or leggings.

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#2 Smallshow Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Top Sleeveless Comfy Breastfeeding Clothes

woman breastfeeding through her breastfeeding braAnother must-have item for your nursing wardrobe are these lovely nursing tanks. The fabric they are made of is flowy, lightweight and soft, making them extremely comfortable to wear and use. The fit of these tanks makes it so easy to breastfeed baby discreetly and the cut is very flattering – perfect for pregnant or postpartum bodies. The wide range of colors and patterns they are available in our beautiful and will give you so many options for your nursing wardrobe. Another great thing about these tanks is they will disguise stains much better due to their colorful busy patterns. With so many pretty patterns to choose from it will be hard to pick just one!

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#3 Smallshow Women’s Maternity Nursing Tops Comfy Long Sleeve Breastfeeding T-Shirt

long sleeve breastfeeding tshirtIf you are after a long sleeve option for your wardrobe these are some of the best nursing tops you will find. Like #1 on our list, they are available in a pack of three and come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. They are great quality and good value for money. The fabric of these tops is so soft, light and comfortable, plus the fit is ideal for nursing or pumping. They are ideal to layer with other items and can be dressed up or worn more casually.

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#4 Pinkydot Women’s Nursing Hoodie Long Sleeves Casual Top Breastfeeding Clothes

Another great long-sleeved option is these hooded nursing shirts for breastfeeding which are extremely comfortable and great for nursing. The fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex making these shirts super breathable and elastic, they are perfect for leisure wear or as sportswear. Nursing hoodies can be rather expensive and these shirts are a great mix of value and quality. The range of colors they come in isn’t as varied as some of the other shirts on this list but the colors they are available it will fit into your nursing wardrobe easily and the floral patterns are gorgeous.

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#5 MAXMODA Women’s Comfy Maternity Nursing Tee Shirt Short Sleeve Flattering Sides Double Layer Breastfeeding Tops S-XXL

These beautiful nursing tops come in two different styles, having both a short sleeve and long sleeve option. Available in a pleated or rounded neck style they are a perfect addition to your wardrobe being both versatile and stylish. They make nursing convenient and discreet and don’t stand out as being maternity wear. Flattering and comfortable, perfect to wear around the house, running errands, or you can also easily dress them up.

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#6 Bearsland Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Tops Sleeveless Breastfeeding Clothes

Some of the nicest and best nursing tops I have ever come across, I am completely in love with the patterns these are available in. I would highly recommend these nursing tops to any moms looking for a nice dressed up option for their nursing wardrobe. You would never guess they were maternity wear just by looking at them, they are definitely not just your average nursing tanks. They are so light and flowy, perfect for summer wear. Flattering, comfortable, easy to use and extremely stylish, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful nursing tanks.

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#7 LUSMAY Womens Loose Fitting Zip Up Deep V Neck Short Sleeve Tops Tunic Casual T Shirts Blouse

These nursing shirts are also very stylish with a cute zip up design, they can be worn casually or easily dressed up. The fabric is a cotton blend and is so soft and comfortable. They are a nice loose fit and are very flattering for pregnancy or postpartum bodies. Simple and elegant, the color range is very nice and would make a perfect addition to any breastfeeding mom’s wardrobe. Great quality at a good price, these shirts are an excellent choice.

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#8 SUIEK Women’s Nursing Tanks Maternity Tops Racerback Breastfeeding Cami Bra Shirt

The lace detailing in the back of these nursing tanks is beautiful and the fit is really flattering for belly bumps. The racer back style of these tanks prevents your straps slipping down your shoulders, making them extremely comfortable to wear. Great quality and value for money, they are available in a pack of three and a great range of colors. The fabric is breathable, elastic and soft on the skin being 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Perfect for everyday casual wear, can be dressed up or even used as sleepwear – These tanks are so versatile!

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#9 BBHoping 2 Layers Maternity Nursing Comfy Tank Tops Sleeveless Comfy Breastfeeding Clothes

A nice comfortable option that also doesn’t stand out as being maternity wear, the nursing access isn’t as apparent as it is in other nursing tops available. The style is very flattering for pregnancy and postpartum bellies and makes breastfeeding convenient and discreet. Good quality and design, though the range of colors is not as varied as other shirts on this list. Overall, I would recommend this top for any moms looking for a nice casual go-to nursing shirt.

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#10 Womens Maternity Nursing Tank Cami for Breastfeeding with Adjustable Straps

Last but not least are these comfortable and seamless nursing tanks. The fabric is soft, silky and stretchy, making them perfect for pregnancy as well as nursing. The tank offers a full cup drop-down so your baby will have plenty of skin-to-skin contacts while they nurse. These tanks have an internal shelf bra to provide added support and also have adjustable straps making them extremely versatile and a great option for bustier ladies. They are form fitting and won’t hide your belly bump if that’s what you’re after, but they are great for layering or wearing under other items and long enough to provide excellent belly coverage. Perfect for casual wear, they are a great staple for your wardrobe.

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I hope this list helps you in your search for the best nursing shirts for nursing and maternity wear options. It can be exciting when it comes time to buy nursing tops, but can also be a daunting task. Forget the hassle of having to try out several different styles and returning items if they are unsuitable. Here the research has been done for you and only the best options have been selected, perfect for all types of body shapes and nursing needs. The many different styles here will provide you with some great options and take the stress out of deciding which items can be the best for you.

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