10 Best Nursery Gliders for New Parents

As a new mom or an expectant mom, one of the things you want to add to the list of things to buy for the little one is a glider.

While a lot of moms are skeptical about whether or not to add it to the list, this article tends to give a detailed information on what you need to know about a nursery glider and also provide you with a review of some of the best nursery gliders you can spend your money on.

Let’s face it, rocking chairs or gliders have been an essential part of babies nursery because they help in getting the little one to fall asleep faster due to the back and forth movement of the glider. They also provide a comfortable place for the little one to feed and play in.

While a majority of the gliders available in the market come in different styles and designs, choosing the right one for your kid can be a bit of a problem. I myself didn’t find it easy making a pick while shopping for one a few years ago. There are a lot of things you need to be on the lookout for apart from the price when looking to get one for your child.

#1. Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman, by DaVinci

DaVinci’s Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman comes with a few color options and arrives already assembled. With a 360 degrees rotation and a smooth gliding motion, this nursery glider offers a good amount of comfort for a middle range price in the market. It has a silent swing that won’t wake your baby up but doesn’t rock, so you need to have your feet on the florin order to grind.

Spacious enough for big parents, Davinci’s option for this top 10 has a firm and high back that will allow you to fall asleep without even noticing during those relaxing moments with your baby and also firm and high arms that will make breastfeeding much more comfortable for mother and baby. For small parents, on the other hand, this nursery chair can feel too deep and the back too far away, since it’s headrest is inclined to allow a better rest, what can also be a little uncomfortable for breastfeeding depending on the position of the mother.


  • 360 degrees rotation;
  • Silent;
  • Smooth gliding motion;
  • Comes assembled;
  • Made of good quality material.


  • Doesn’t rock.

#2. Madison Swivel Glider, by Babyletto

Madison Swivel Glider from Babyletto has few color options but compensates in gliding you without much effort and noiselessly than other similar products available in the market. With a nice and minimalistic look for a medium range of price, this nursery glider is made in water-resistant material and also rotates 360 degrees, assuring parent and baby of a comfortable nursing time, but be attempt that this baby nursing chair doesn’t recline or come with a footstool, that you may want if you’re buying your nursery glider to nurse a newborn.

This nursery chair is made of a soft and easy to clean material that makes the cushions and pads very comfortable, offering just the right amount of rock for parent and baby. And because of its practical design, doesn’t take that big amount of space you may have thought you would need, is perfect for small spaces. But if you’re a tall person, this might not be the product for you, having a backrest a little lower than other best nursery gliders that don’t affect the comfort in a daily basis, but won’t allow you to take one of those middles of the night naps without using a support pillow for your head.

Besides being made of a good quality material, this nursery glider comes with a one-year warranty and some parents say it’s just expiring with the chair lifespan, while others are able to keep this product for years, waiting for new babies to born in the family. Considering that the product arrives at your delivery address completely assembled, I would say that’s a fair price for a warranty that will allow you to take care of any sign that you believe may give problems later.


  • Water-resistant;
  • Rotates 360º;
  • Comes assembled;
  • Easy spot-cleaning.


  • Low durability.

#3. Blair Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair, by Delta Furniture

The Blair Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair from Delta Furniture comes with a few color options and a steel mechanism specially designed to offer parent and baby quiet and smooth gliding moments. In a first look, it may fool you, looking smaller than it feels, and the best part about this nursing chair is that it doesn’t take much space, leaving plenty of freedom in the room for your baby to move and play in the future.

Besides being easy to assemble, this beautiful baby furniture also comes with an Allen wrench to help you install it without any problems. My tip is that if you have an electric drill you use it instead, this way the process of the assembly will be shorter since the screws you have to fit underneath the chair are pretty long. This nursery glider also offers a firm and strong frame and comes with a Velcro for you to remove the cushion, making the cleaning process easier.

Made with the good quality material, this nursery glider is a durable one with a good back support and a comfortable design for a higher price, but still low when comparing with other options in the market that seems to offer the same benefits but are made with lower quality materials. This apparently small baby nursing chair doesn’t recline but will hug you and prove itself to be just big enough for the comfort of a parent and the baby.

#4. Sleigh Glider-Multiposition, Recline and Ottoman Combo, by Dutailier

Dutailier’s Sleigh Glider-Multiposition, Recline, and Ottoman Combo come with a few color options that can influence the products price, taking it to the highest one in this top 10. The multi-position is a good plus because it was designed to allow you to choose the most comfortable reclining to stop the chair, doesn’t matter if its gliding or not, and lock it there.

Being easy to assemble and easier to recline, this nursery glider is also very quiet, offering your baby a silent sleep while rocking and gliding on your arms. It’s a sturdy baby nursing chair that comes with a good back support and has a high enough backrest for you to fall asleep with all the comfort you need not wake up with body pains. I’ve seen complains about the arms rest not staying in place very long, but also have seen the abstain of these complains, so you may want to be an attempt of your need for movement before choosing this nursery glider.


  • Multi-position mechanism;
  • Easy assembling;
  • Made of good quality material;
  • Quiet;


  • Bad packing

#5. Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Gliding Recliner, by Dorel Living

Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Gliding Recliner, from Dorel Living, is my second priciest choice for this top 10 and a product that offers a smooth and silent gliding and reclining with a rotation mechanism that will allow you to have everything you need in the reach of your hand. Firm and sturdy, this nursery glider takes some space, but also offer you back a spacious seat that can comfortably accommodate parents of any size with a baby in arms an even to curl in a more comfortable position.

With a fast delivery and easy assembly process, this baby nursing chair can have some problems if you need to recline all the way back often because the closing mechanism is harder when we’re talking about putting the footrest up, but also doesn’t present any noise able to wake your baby up. Made with good quality materials, this baby furniture will be with you for a good amount of time, but I must say for you to be an attempt to the seams, that are a little weak and can present problems after some using time.


  • Reclines;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Easy assembling;
  • Made of the good quality material.


  • Weak seams;
  • The footrest can be difficult to close.

#6. Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set, by Naomi Home

Naomi Home’s Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set have a fair number of combinations for you to choose, comes with storage pockets in the cushion for you to keep all your baby essentials just in hand and offers a good amount of comfort for your nursing times. The cushions can come with a little smell that goes away past after unpacked, but if you want to feel safer just for the sake of it, all you have to do is wash the pads before using this nursery glider.

Besides being made of a low-quality material that can compromise the durability of the furniture, the fabric holds up against stains pretty well and the same can be said about the wood frame. It makes some noises when you’re gliding, though, but the assembling process is simple and the nursery glider already comes with all the tools you’ll need.


  • Comes with tools for assembling, removable cushions and storage pockets;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Fast delivery.


  • Made with low-quality material;
  • Thin cushions.

#7. Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, by Baby Relax

Baby Relax’s Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner is between the best nursery gliders in the market for one reason: Comfort. It’s designed to accommodate parents from all sizes without taking that much space in the room, is the perfect size for your nursery glider choice, not too big, not small at all. With options of colors and material for you to choose, this nursery chair is a comfortable, soft and easy to clean furniture for your baby’s nursery.

This nursery glider reclines in different degrees and can be quite fully reclined, but it can require a certain level of strength to recline the seat and you must be careful if your baby’s asleep when you get up because the chair can make some noise when the foot rest comes up. Some people find a problem that the footrest must be reclined with the whole chair, but the comfort offered for Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner can turn your opinion back on this point.

To sleep in this nursery glider, it’s better to get a pillow, since the wins are not big enough for your head to rest if you fall asleep, but the way its swing will soothe your baby, the pillow won’t be a problem with all this comfort. And the other good part is that the pictures won’t full you because this nursery glider is everything you can expect in terms of size and color. One thing that you may find or not be a problem, is the little gap this nursery glider have between the arms, but you can always believe me that the comfort stays unaltered.

The assembling process is easy, and I have a tip for you to make it better: substitute the assembling hardware that comes with the chair for ones that you see more fitted. Some people say that the durability of this product is compromised to something around a year, but when you’re assembling this nursery glider you can prevent this kind of situation by using adequate hardware to guarantee better firmness. This chair was designed not to be disassembled after being assembled, so you don’t have to worry much if you just want to use the hardware that comes with it also because you won’t suddenly find yourself seated on a pile of tools. Just remember to check your product on arrival and not after assembling and you’ll be fine.


  • Comfortable and spacious seat;
  • Soft fabric;
  • Easy to assemble and clean;
  • Doesn’t take much room;
  • Controllable reclining system;
  • Rotates;
  • Designed not to be disassembled.


  • Can have low durability;
  • Difficult to recline;
  • Doesn’t glider when reclined;
  • Made of low-quality materials.

#8. Windsor Glider and Ottoman, by Angel Line

Angel Line’s nursery glider, Windsor Glider, and Ottoman, comes not only with a great price but also with lots of color options for you to choose what will make your baby’s nursery more beautiful and complete. This product comes with enclosed metal bearings designed to give parent and baby a smooth gliding motion and a removable cushion that will make the cleaning process easier than ever before. Made of polyester with a wood frame, it’s padded cushions are soft and comfortable for nursing the baby, and since it doesn’t take a lot of space, it’s perfect for small spaces.

Being the cheapest price in this top 10, this nursery chair also includes storage pockets, and only the parents know how important it can be to have some milk and tissues laying around in a comfortable space for you to relax. The cushions can be a little thin, but it will be still comfortable and my tip for solving any flatness problem is simple: use a pillow to give you a little more support any place you need. But if you’re more into long-term sittings and don’t want to substitute the padded cushions, this might not be the nursery glider for you.

This nursery chair glides softly and silently, making sure your baby won’t be awake, but it’s made of lower quality materials so the durability can be smaller than some other options on the market. My tip for you to try to make it more durable is to substitute the assembling hardware for ones that you see more fitted, making sure everything is firmly installed. In the end, this nursery glider delivers what you need for one of the best prices in the market.


  • Comes with storage pockets;
  • Removable chair cushions;
  • Comfortable;
  • Easy to assemble and clean.


  • Made of low-quality material;
  • Thin cushions;
  • Bad packing;
  • Low durability.

#9. Monterey Glider & Ottoman, by Angel Line

This gorgeous nursery glider from Angel Line doesn’t seem to have as many color options available as the other one from the same brand I presented in this list, the Windsor Glider, and Ottoman, but the price, which is higher, doesn’t go far behind. Monterey Glider and Ottoman offer a smooth rocking that will help your baby to fall into a deep sleep, and it’s much quieter than other similar products on the market.

With storage pockets and a removable cushion that make cleaning an easy task, this nursery glider is comfortable not only for nursing your baby but also for a good and relaxing reading time. The cushion can be a little thin, and for that, I advise you to use an extra pillow that will give you a better back support, but some people say that, besides all the fabrics being of the same softness, the cushions softness suffer some variability depending on the color you choose.


  • Comes with removable cushions and storage pockets;
  • Easy to assemble and clean;
  • Fast delivery.


  • Made with low-quality materials;
  • Thin cushions.

#10. Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman with Lumbar Pillow, by Stork Craft

Stork Craft’s Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman with Lumbar Pillow allows you to choose between lots of solid colors the one that will fit better for your baby special rocking space and come with arms high enough to offer the right amount of support for the elbows during the breastfeeding. Its footstool is not adjustable, but this nursery chair glides smoothly and almost silently, and besides having nice and firm cushions, you can find them to be a little uncomfortable, and in this situation, the lumbar pillow will feat as a glove for the support you need.

This is a well made and sturdy nursery glider that looks big at a first glance but has the perfect size for small space and small parents without leaving the big ones behind either. I’ve heard that the color you choose, just like with the Monterey Glider and Ottoman, from Angel Line, can influence in the ending amount of comfort you receive, bit my biggest critic with this product is that the manufacturer heightened the price in the last months. Besides that, it’s still a cheap product that stays just above the middle range price in the market and delivers exactly what you pay for.


  • Comes with a lumbar support pillow and storage pockets;
  • Easy to assemble and clean;
  • Good packing.


  • Made of low-quality materials;
  • Thin cushions.