10 Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

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10 Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween season is here with us again! I can’t wait to see those little scaring witches and ghosts among us. Nevertheless, have you thought about the costumes that your child is going to wear? Probably this is their most favorite holiday, and therefore, we should make it special for them by buying them the perfect unique attire. If you’re stressed selecting the best Halloween costume for your daughter or son, worry not. Things are going to be easier for you. We have a list of the 10 best Halloween costumes for both girls and boys to choose from. So, be it a toddler, preschooler, tween or teenager, you’re in the right place. Go through the entire page together with your child, and you’ll finally be able to choose the perfect costume for them.

Best Halloween Costumes for Boys

#1. Gekko Classic Toddler PJ Masks Costume, Large/4-6

If your son is a fan of PJ masks, Disney Junior TV show, then buying him this gecko costume will be a perfect idea. The costume material is polyester, comes in green color with a removable tail and a mask. Gekko is the youngest boy in their group of three. His other two friends are Cat boy and Owlette. Gekko has superpowers that help him out when in trouble. So, let this Halloween season be the time for your boy to be a superhero with this great costume.

And if he happens to have a big brother or a sister, you can go ahead and buy them Catboy and Owlette costumes to make a team of these three superheroes!

You can get the costume in small, medium, large and X-large sizes.

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#2 Spooktacular Creations Zombie Deluxe Costume Child Bloody Axe

This six piece costume is suitable for boys who love watching scaring horror movies. It includes; a black trouser that has attached bones on the bottom both sides of the legs, a long-sleeved black top with hood and bones connected on it, mask, a pair of bone-like gloves and a zombie hunter ax.

The zombie consume is durable as it is pure polyester. It is perfect for Halloween dress-up parties, horror acting parties for kids, etc. This costume is available in different sizes; from the age of 5years to 14 years. You can dress your son other clothes underneath for warmth in case the night turn up to be too cold.

Sizes 5-7, 8-10, 10-12, and 12-14.

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#3 Disguise – Boy’s Buzz Lightyear Costume

This costume is a simple one- a printed jumpsuit with a hood. It’s light and bright, therefore, comfortable and stunning for a toddler. This costume doesn’t come with footwear, so remember to order shoes that match with it. Other accessories that you might need to buy along with the outfit are gloves and a buzz lightyear jet park. Buy this costume for your son to dress on Halloween and even on the birthday party to have fun. It is made up of pure polyester.

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#4 Born Toys (8 PC Premium Washable Fireman Costume and Firefighter Accessories with Real Water Shooting Extinguisher Great for Halloween

Do you want your son to appear exactly as a firefighter during the oncoming Halloween and charismas holidays, if not all days? Born toys costume that comes with firefighter’s accessories will just make him look like one! The red color costume is washable hence no worries about your son tidiness all the time. The extinguisher shoots real water making it even more fun to play around with. Its helmet is adjustable to fit your son correctly. The presence of the budge makes your young one look like a professional firefighter.

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#5 Dress Up America Deluxe Police Dress Up Costume Set – Includes Shirt, Pants, Hat, Belt, Whistle, Gun Holster and Walkie Talkie

Halloween costumes are not only about scary and funny outfits -If your son behaves like police, maybe talking with a phone as if it’s walkie-talkie or matches in the house like policemen do, he probably loves that career. Make his imagination real by dressing him in this police costume.

The outfit is 100% polyester that means is of good quality and long lasting. The set includes a navy-blue long-sleeved shirt, pant, police cap, belt, walkie-talkie, whistle, and gun holder and so you can be sure your little one will exactly resemble American police.

The outfit is wrinkle and abrasion resistance. It is perfect for Halloween, parties, and other events. The only drawback for buying this costume is that the shoes aren’t included, and therefore you have to buy them separately. Just make sure you order a fitting black/blue short boots to make his policeman costume complete. It is light, easy to clean and is available for 2-14-year-old boys and gals.

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Best Halloween Costumes for girls

#1 Silly Safari Costume, Triceratops Costume, Toddler

If you’re looking for a Halloween outfit for your toddler gal, look no more. Silly safari is a good quality costume from Robies that will fit your princess and make her look adorable. Your kid will have no problem playing around when dressing in this costume because it’s very comfortable. This outfit is merely a jumpsuit with an attached tail, decorated headpiece with two horns. It also has Velcro straps that keep the hat in the right position. The costume is also suitable for your little one because it’s warm.

Suitable for tots between the ages of 2-4years and “35-“39.

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#2 Spooktacular Creations Triceratops Deluxe Kids Dinosaur Costume for Halloween Dinosaur Dress Up Party, Role Play and Cosplay

This is another option costume for your 3-10 years daughter. It includes; Dinosaur Hood, Jumpsuit with Attached Tail and a Plush Egg! It is made up of pure polyester and therefore very durable. The costume is non-toxic, licensed hence save for your little princess.

Suitable attire for Halloween, themed birthday parties, pretend play, trick and treat and for all fun days. It’s comfortable, soft and lights hence the best for your young ones.

Available for toddlers 3-4, small 5-7 medium 8-10years

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#3 Tiny Costume

If your kid loves Dinosaur Train TV show, then this little costume will suit them this coming Halloween holiday. A tiny outfit is a green jumpsuit with character hood and shoe covers. She can as well wear the gear when going for fun parties and especially when riding in those toy trains. This costume is not tight, and therefore you can dress your little one other clothes underneath in case the weather is chilly.

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#4 Regal Queen Princess Pink Victorian Party Dress Kids Premium Halloween Costume

Let your tween or teen daughter feel like a real queen by dressing in this Regal Queen Princess Pink Victorian Party Dress. This long circular, velvety Victorian-design dress is just what your cute girl needs to feel like a leader. It’s excellent for Halloween occasion, charismas day, trick and treating as well as other themed parties. The costume comes with a headband so, you only need to buy a porch that matches with the dress and allow your daughter to wear a little makeup to complete the look of a queen.

The dress is pure polyester, comfortable and decent, easy to clean and wrinkle resistance.

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#5 Melissa & Doug Race Car Driver Role Play Costume Set (3 pcs) – Jumpsuit, Helmet, Steering Wheel

Does your daughter have interest in automobile? If yes let her be a racing car driver on the upcoming Halloween. The race car costume is designed as a zip-up jumpsuit with racing emblems and comes with the adjustable helmet together with the soft steering wheel. These accessories are wiped to clean while the costume is machine-washable.

This costume is for kids between 3-6 years.

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Halloween comes once in a year. Make the day memorable to your young ones by giving them the best. Buy them the best costume and offer them some help to dress up and wear make up for girls. Also, ensure you carry your camera to capture all the activities that they’ll be involved in and also to keep memories for babies who will not be understanding a thing on that night.

Most of the above costumes will still be useful even after the Halloween event.




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