Now it’s time for me to help you to choose a Folding Changing Table. And then you ask me “But if I already have my regular dressing table, why should I buy a folding one?”, and then I’ll tell you that this options that I have to show you are perfect not only if you don’t have that amount of space lying around to go with a whole new furniture piece, but also if you have outside areas in your home that would be just perfect to have a portable changing station just in hand.

Otherwise, after having a baby you must recognize how those folding changing stations laying around the street on public and private companies can save lives, so if you don’t have a few in your company or don’t have the company to have a few, take this list as an informative to help other people to choose the best folding changing table in the market, and then take advantage of those changing tables yourself, after all.

The most important thing to remember when talking about folding changing tables is to think carefully about the right place to install them, making sure you’re offering a complete opening to the table, and plenty of space for the baby and the parent. And because the installation process can be a bit trickier, depending even on your construction’s material, I’ll recommend since now for you to get some professional help installing your folding changing station.

4 Best Folding Changing Tables

#1 Koala Kare KB200-01 Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

Koala Kare’s KB200-01 Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station is my priciest choice for this top 4. It’s perfect if you have a wood wall, but if you have metal studs or concrete wall all you have to do is purchase the appropriated hardware and bet an attempt to the weight recommendation and this folding diaper changing station will prove itself to be just worth the price you’ll pay.

Made of durable materials, this folding baby changing station is a strong and safe structure for any environment, and my first tip is for you to be an attempt to any transportation damage during the delivery process. My second tip for more firmness after finished the assembling process, all you have to do is substitute the four little screws that come with this diaper changing station for four self-tapping screws and voilà.


  • Comes with gas spring open/close mechanism;
  • Comes with installation manual;
  • Strong and safe structure;


  • Bad packing.

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#2 ECR4Kids Horizontal Fold Down Commercial Baby Changing Diaper Station

This Horizontal Fold Down Commercial Baby Changing Diaper Station, by ECR4Kids, is exactly what it promises to be, a good diaper changing station for public spaces. This product open and closes with a pneumatic mechanism and comes with a safety belt and two storage dispensers for baby tissues, towels or what else you see appropriate. Because the installation depends on the material of the place you need it to be installed, it doesn’t come with installation hardware, that must be purchased adapted to your personal needs. Otherwise, it’s a good product, easy to install, easy to clean and the only bad side is that it’s heavier than other folding changing stations in the market and doesn’t come with a sign to be putting on public areas.


  • Comes with safety strap;
  • Comes with two storage dispensers;
  • Pneumatic open/close mechanism;
  • Easy to install;
  • Easy to clean.


  • Does not include installation hardware.

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#3 ASI 9012 Surface Mounted Baby Changing Station

For a middle price range that’s actually low, ASI’s 9012 Surface Mounted Baby Changing Station is one of the best folding changing stations available in the market. It comes with a safety belt and a storage dispenser to keep baby tissues, has a pneumatic opening and closing mechanism that works smoothly and the manufacturer offers a good arrival time, which is always great. Besides all this, this product also offers an easy to clean surface that proves itself to be very practical on a daily basis. And if you want a tip, tell the professional assembling your folding changing station to substitute the screws that come with the product for ones better fitted and the process will become much easier.

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4º) Baby Changing Table Horizontal Wall Mounted

The best thing that this Baby Changing Table Horizontal Wall Mounted, by TCBunny, has over other options been the two accessory holders, that any parent can agree that make all the difference in a folding diaper changing table. But that’s not the only thing it comes with, also offering safety straps and two storage dispensers for towels and/or baby tissues.

With an easy to clean moisture proof surface, this folding changing table open and closes with a hydraulic mechanism, and its hardware is designed for concrete walls, so if your construction uses other materials, you’ll need to purchase the right hardware for the installation.


  • Comes with two accessory holders, two storage dispensers, and safety belt;
  • Hydraulic open/close mechanism;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Moisture proof.


  • The provided hardware is for concrete walls, so you may need some updates depending on your wall material;
  • Installation can be difficult.

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I hope these lists have been used and that you may find between these products the perfect diapers changing station for you and your baby. Always remember to check the manufacturers’ information, especially the weight recommendations and the refund policy of your chosen product and you’ll be fine with any of these brands, already assured, not by me, but by the market, to deliver the best baby products available. Have any doubt or question? Leave me a comment and let’s talk about what’s best for our babies.

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