6 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborn

Oh, Shit! Yes, shit and that’s what we parents have to deal with. If you don’t want your baby to get irritated, catch allergies or diaper rash, then cladding them with cloth diapers could be a good idea.

Talking specifically about newborns, one has to be told that they need at least 10 to 12 changes a day. If you think this can be managed with disposable diapers then you must have mistaken. Newborn skin is very sensitive and you need to be extra careful when buying diapers for them. This is why we have dedicated this post to the best cloth diapers for you to understand it properly and to make the decision wisely.

After a thorough buying guide below, you will see a list of top 6 reviewed cloth diapers. 

#1 Blueberry Newborn Simplex All In One Cloth Diapers, Bundle of 2, Made in USA (Giraffes)

Diapers are the essential keeps them comfortable. They prevent your clothes from getting soiled and can keep your baby in a jovial mood at all times.


  • This product fits babies from 6 to 16 pounds
  • The outer layer is completely waterproof
  • The inner lining is made of 12 layers of 100% cotton fabric
  • No irritation, itching or redness on the wearable area
  • The waste product is completely absorbed by the inner lining but needs to be changed from time to time
  • The diaper gives space to the umbilical cord snap down area for healing
  • It has pocket opening on both sides to use extra pads or cloth when necessary
  • Completely washable inside out and reusable
  • Comes in a pack of two


  • Very expensive and it may not be for everyone to afford
  • The cotton inner may make your baby’s skin feel the wetness (and this can be taken care by inserting a diaper liner)

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#2 Cloth Diapers, Angel Love 6 Pack Diaper Covers+6 Diaper Inserts+1 Wet Dry Bag, Baby Washable Cloth Pocket Diapers

Among all other clothes for a newborn or an infant, the right kind and size of diaper play a very important role. A perfect fit diaper will always keep your baby happy and cheerful. The Newborn Cloth Diaper is regarded as the best diapers for a newborn because of:


  • This diaper is best fit for babies from 5 to12 pounds
  • Each diaper has one waterproof outer cover and 3 layers of inner lining
  • The inner lining is 100% cotton material with high absorbent capacity
  • It is hypoallergenic and does not cause redness or itching in the wearable area
  • Leg gussets are stretchable with durable material and prevent leaks completely
  • Rows of snap buttons to adjust size accordingly
  • Inner pockets allows inserting additional clothing or cotton
  • Completely machine washable and can be reused accordingly
  • Comes in a pack of six diapers
  • Available in different vibrant and fun-loving colors which completely suits your babies mood and personality


  • There are high chances of leakage without proper care

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#3 RumparoozNewborn Cloth Diaper Cover Snap, Orchid

Diaper covers are an essential part of newborn clothing which when used with pre-fold or cloth diapers prevents the inner clothes from leaking. These covers come in a variety of color, shapes, and sizes. We will discuss the advantages of using the above-mentioned diaper cover in here.


  • The product is made from water resistant polyester TPU material
  • This TPU material is prepared from solvent-free fabric
  • The cover is laminated with thermoplastic polymer
  • The bonding of the polymer is by heat and not chemically treated
  • The cover is nontoxic and environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for babies from 4 to 15 pounds
  • Three adjustable settings
  • Perfectly designed to suit your infant with no leaks
  • Snap closure mechanism
  • Can be used several times before giving a wash
  • Hot wash or cold rinse only with mild detergent
  • Comes in vibrant colors to set the mood right for your baby


  • As the diaper cover is made of polyurethane material the drying time is a little more as compared to the conventional ones

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#4 Rumparooz Newborn Cloth Diaper Cover Snap, Root Beer

To start with, this is no different from the above-mentioned product, only the color differs and that makes a difference. This means a dark-colored diaper is easy to maintain in the long run. We will discuss a little about this diaper in details because:


  • The best diapers for newborn and preemies
  • Ideal for babies of 4 to 15 pounds
  • They come with 3 adjustable settings
  • It is water resistant because of its polyester (TPA) built
  • It has a snap closure that makes it easy to use
  • This is a reasonable diaper that helps you save money
  • These are biodegradable by nature
  • You can use these covers with pre-fold, fitted or any kind you may like
  • You can hand or machine wash it
  • Tumble dry it and let it dry under the sun
  • Can last long with care


  • This set lacks instructions that make it a tad difficult to handle
  • Not being an organic product may make you hesitant to take a call

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#5 Imagine Newborn AIO Stay Dry -Snap – Raccoon Ruckus

Getting the diaper which is of right shape and size for your baby is not an easy task at all. A dry and a clean baby is the happiest one at all times. So, let us have a look at this diaper and find out what makes it one of the Best Newborn Diapers of all.


  • The diaper is made of super soft inner material and waterproof outer cover
  • No leaks from sides as this fits the baby perfectly
  • Nontoxic in nature and irritation resistant
  • No rashes or redness on the wearable area
  • Breathable with airflow to keep the area dry
  • More inserts can be added through the side pockets
  • Adjustable snap closure mechanism
  • Easy to tell when soiled by feeling between the inner layers
  • Not a use and throw type and can be used several times
  • Comes in vibrant colors which perfectly fits the persona of your infant


  • It is recommended to buy the product from authentic sellers as cheap duplicates are also available in the market

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#6 GroViaNewborn All in One Cloth Diaper (AIO) (Haze)

This is an-easy-to-use diaper that is specifically designed to meet newborn needs. It is made from soft material which is a combination of cotton, microfleece, and polyester. It is 100% water resistant and has a buttery feel that your baby will love against its skin.


  • It has a quick and dry soaker on the outside
  • You get 3 layers of protection – organic cotton and hemp soaker along with microfleece top
  • You don’t need a cover with this diaper
  • Easy to wash and can be tumble dried
  • You don’t need to pre-soak it
  • Wash with a mild detergent
  • Avoid using chemical bleaches or even fabric softeners while washing diapers
  • Dries up fast in comparison to other cloth diapers
  • Big enough for newborns and it leaves the room for growth as well
  • It brings value for money


  • Little on the expensive side
  • Buying it from an authorized dealer can lessen your worries as there already are a lot of cheap duplicates circulating in the market

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One more thing that we would like to add to this discussion about the best newborn diapers is that you must pay attention to the fit. Yes, newborn diapers need to fit them well, especially in the leg area. Diapers need to be secured around this area to avoid slippage. Quite obviously you don’t want one poop and things scattered all over the place kind of situation. Cloth diapers are economical, easy to use and are reusable. These few attributes are more than enough to convince new parents to invest in these diapers. Another thing would be to keep testing until you are satisfied with the results!

Buying Guide: The Best Newborn Cloth Diapers

If you are first time parent, then you may be feeling overwhelmed with the variety that you get these days. Moreover, you don’t even know where to start from and which brands should you trust. Worry no more, as we have got you covered and have found a way to help you weed out the possibilities. Have a look at this segment and read it with care.

  • Style and comfort – Yes, there are quite a lot of diapers (we will discuss it later) that are readily available these days. It may be very difficult for you to decide and choose one. You get pre-folds, flats, pockets, AIO and flats to make a choice. What matters is the comfort of your baby that is proportionate to the style of the diaper. That is correct, you can choose one that is designed especially for a girl or a boy, but makes sure that your baby is most comfortable in it. This will take care of most of the problem and the rest could be solved by adhering to the following measures.
  • High quality – Make sure that you opt for the best quality of cloth diaper as it will have a huge impact on your newborn. Again, quality does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive one, as you can pair a pre-fold with a diaper liner and watch the magic. Investing in the best cloth diapers is a means to make the whole affair cost-effective and reaping long-term benefits out of them.
  • Eco-friendly – Almost all cloth diapers are environmentally friendly and there is nothing more to this point. You need to invest in a good diaper that protects the environment as well as your baby from the harsh chemicals that are present in disposable diapers.
  • Research more – Although, you will not have to look any further beyond this post, if you want to, then consider researching a little more about cloth diapers on your own. You may come across interesting ways of saving, getting the best out of them and even save the world. Who knows, tomorrow you may be guiding others like us!

Types of cloth diapers

Zillion things to do when you are expecting and you are stuck with diapers could be a disturbing thought. Don’t worry diapering is an essential part of your baby’s needs. It could be killing, with all the variety that you get these days but remember you are free to make your decision. Here are a few that you can choose from:

  • Prefold – These often come in rectangular shape and are thick in the center. You need to fold them as per requirement but need to place them properly as the absorbency is gathered in the middle.
  • Flats – These are the ones that our grandmas and mamas have used for so long. They never fail and are really reasonable for new parents that already have a lot on their plate. They are the safest as they are just piece of fabric that needs to be adjusted as per your baby’s requirement.
  • Pocket – These were practically the first ever innovation after thousands in diapers. It is made up of two parts, one with a waterproof outer and the inner or the pocket that can be stuffed with a pre-fold or another absorbent of your choice.
  • Fitted – These have multiple layers of protection and are the most developed ones. Although, they do not have a waterproof outer, yet are shaped, have back elastic, legs, a hook or snaps for closures.
  • All in one – The AIO is more or less like a one wear, one wash variant of pocket diapers. These are sewn with a waterproof exterior and are convenient to use.

How to use cloth diapers?

Now, that we understand the various kinds of diapers, it would be wise of us to share how you can use them in the best possible ways. Pay attention to this section for your own good.

  • Using pre-folds – You need to use with a cover like a waterproof shell or a wool pull on. The choice is yours but you have to pair them with one and that could be taken as an advantage. This makes them easy to wash and very versatile for use.
  • Utilizing flats – Go old school with these age-old diapers that you can customize with an absorbent the way you like. For example, additional thick at the back during the night may earn you a couple of extra winks. That sounds pretty interesting for a new parent for sure.
  • Making use of Pockets – As mentioned you can add extra absorbents as per your needs and the fact that they do not need a cover makes them useful. Yes, you can fasten them on the baby as per their necessity.
  • Working with fitted – These are good at containing messes if not anything. This is why they are a favorite with first parents because of this single attribute.
  • The functionality of the AIO – No wonder these are considered as the best cloth diapers for newborn. These have a simpler design and can be used in almost in any situation as far as your diapering essentials are considered.


Q1. Why buy cloth diapers?

Ans. They are safe, healthy for your baby and keep the environment safe. Your baby’s skin will be able to breathe through cloth diapers easily as compared to the disposable ones.

Q2. How many diapers should you buy?

Ans. All new parents have this question, especially first-time parents and all we can say is that newborns need a lot more care than you can expect. So, be prepared for changing them at least 10-12 times a day. You do the math and decide how many you are comfortable with.

Q3. How should you wash a cloth diaper?

Ans. You can hand wash or use the washing machine as per your choice. Remember to wash them in hot water (as this kills the bacteria), then rinse and dry in the sun.

Q4. Is there a special detergent to wash these diapers?

Ans. Yes, there are a lot of detergents and you must choose one that is skin as well as environmental friendly.  

Q5. How long do they last?

Ans. This depends on many factors like brands you choose, your laundry detergent and your drying method. No one can answer this for you as longevity is something that no one can define.

Q7. How can we avoid diaper rash?

Ans. Although, there are many reasons for contacting diaper rash, yet one way to prevent it is by changing your newborn baby as many times as you can. The moment you feel the diaper may be soiled, you must remove it at once. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Q8. Can we use cloth diaper at night?

Ans. Of course, you can but remember newborns tend to be awake at night. So, they need extra care and timely changes.

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