The first few years of a baby are full of milestones. Walking is one of the biggest milestones of a baby and the parents are always anxious that when their little bundle of joy will take the first step into toddlerhood. Every baby reaches this milestone in his own time. Some babies learn to walk just as soon as they can stand, others make sure that they won’t fall to the ground and make fools of themselves. Before a baby starts walking, he needs to blossom some combination of primary skills like balance, hip control, hip stability, leg strength and the most important of all is confidence. In this post, we will introduce walkers to help baby learn to walk during their early days. 

8 Best baby walkers



#1 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker:

The VTech Sit-to-stand learning walker is a revolutionary product with which a baby receives all round motor development with its dual mode. The activity panel inserted in it helps the baby learn numbers, shapes, music, colors and animals. This makes the baby learn something while moving along with the walker.


  • It has five piano keys to play musical notes, three colorful shape sorter, two spinning rollers and three light-up buttons to develop the motor skill of the baby.
  • It also includes a pretend telephone headset to enhance role play.
  • The baby learns color, music, shapes, sounds, and animals with it.
  • The panel is programmed to play music as soon as the baby pushes the walker.


  • Some customers have stated that the front panel comes out easily.
  • The walker has rubber strip coating at the rear wheel which slips easily.
  • The music system in it is too loud.

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#2 Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo:

The Rainforest Jumperoo is one product which is super comfortable for the baby. The product has two soft leaves extended from the frame in a form of a canopy from where two soft toys always dangle. The seat is a fully rotatable and has soft spinning covers. With this rotating seat, the baby can play on any side of the walker.


  • The walker is very easy to move. When the baby is not sitting there, you can tuck and fold the Jumperoo to move it very easily.
  • This product promotes the healthy development of the baby. The baby can move, spin and jump in it which is important for all over motor development.
  • The music and the bright color encourage the baby’s auditory and visual senses.


  • If your baby is a little chubby, the seat might be a little tighter. He might not be able to jump around with the walker.

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#3 Safety 1st Ready-set-walk walker, Nantucket:

Your baby can fully enjoy his first step with the Safety 1st Ready-set-walk walker. The walker has three positioned height adjustment option that helps you adjust the walker according to the baby’s height. The light and music option keeps the motor actions of your baby uptight. This walker is an audio-visual treat for any baby.


  • This walker is sturdy so the baby would be able to use it extensively.
  • It comes with three different inbuilt toys and twelve different songs to amuse the baby which in turn helps to develop his audio-visual senses.
  • The walker can be folded easily into a compact shape for moving purpose.
  • This walker can bear the weight range up to 30 pounds.


  • The plastic legs at the side of the walker are made of cheap plastic which makes it easy to break.
  • The front entertaining panel is basic. The baby can get bored very easily.

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#4 Joovy Spoon Walker:

This product is a combination of a high chair and a walker. The usage of this walker is practical as the baby can eat, stand, play and learning o walk. Three customized height adjustment system is installed in it which is ideal for a baby up to 33 inches tall and up to 30 pounds of weight.


  • The spoon has an extra-large tray which is removable and dishwasher safe. You can also put the baby’s favorite toys there when it’s playtime.
  • The Spoon walker has an ultra wide base which provides motility, mobility, strength, and safety.
  • It folds flat for easy travel and easy storage option.
  • The seat pad is comfortable, supportive and can easily be washed in a washing machine.


  • The walker is shorter than it claims to be at its highest height set up is inadequate even for a 29-inch baby.
  • The walker doesn’t move on the floor if the floor is covered by carpet.

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#5 Creative Baby, The Very Hungry caterpillar 2-in-1 walker:

This walker is the best amongst the baby walkers. This has multiple height adjustments to adjust with the baby’s height. The music tray is removable and it provides six fun toys. When your baby will be a little bigger, he can hold the bar behind the walker to have a full-fledged support.


  • The music tray plays classical music for the baby’s auditory development.
  • The walker can be easily folded so that it can be easily carried.
  • When your baby is little older and taller, he can walk holding it from behind.
  • The walker includes a soft cushioned seat for the baby’s comfort. You can always remove the seat for washing.


  • The bottom of the skid comes with some bumpers which can be a tad uncomfortable for the kid as it catches on everything.
  • Sometimes the front wheel, which is supposed to rotate 360 degrees, does not work. The walker always gets stuck at the floor carpet. Sometimes the rear wheels gets stuck.

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#6 Kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker:

This walker is a perfect amalgamation of a seated walker and a walk-behind walker. It has a play tray for some toys which provides the baby endless enjoyment and all round motor development through his toddlerhood. The toy has some upright flower mirror, a spinning ball for playing and a beaded bar for learning. The seat is removable and can be used independently.


  • The walker is easily foldable for storage and traveling.
  • The four wheels can be set to easy swivel or lock.
  • The seat is highly comfortable and it supports the baby’s back. The removable seat is also washable my machine.


  • The seat has some clips which sit on the baby’s skin. Because of this, the baby feels extremely uncomfortable.
  • It can’t be moved if your floor is covered with a carpet.
  • The wide base gets frequently caught out to the corners of the furniture.

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#7 Upspring Baby Walking wings Learning to Walk:

The Upspring hands-free walking wings helps the baby to learn walking more naturally. The unique padded vest holds the baby’s body tightly. The straps can be adjusted according to your height. The chest of the vest can be adjusted as it based on the average chest size of a baby between 4 months to 4 years old, though the walking wings are recommended for children 6 months and up.


  • The baby balances very naturally.
  • The product is made of 100% cotton and is easily machine washable. It is also dryer safe.
  • It reduces back pain for the bending over parents.
  • The baby falls less.


  • The walking wings are not good for petite babies as the vest never fits.
  • If the baby is already moving uptight but needs a little hand for more support, this is not for them as it put tremendous strength on the parents’ back.

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#8 Ibepro Babywalker Baby Toddler Walking Assistant Protective Belt Carry Trooper Walking Harness Learning Assistant Learning Walk Safety Reins Harness Walker Wings:

This product is beneficial for both baby and parents. The walker wings are provided with a padded harness which helps the parents to carry the baby’s weight while they are helping the baby to learn walking. The walking wings help the baby when the baby learns to walk hands-free and even then when the baby is a stable walker but needs a little watch.


  • With the Ibepro Babywalker Baby Toddler Walking assistant, the baby has fewer falls.
  • The padded harness is adjustable to the parents’ height and it does not cause back pain.
  • Baby’s arm remains protected as it hands-free.
  • The vest is supposed to be good for 6 months old babies to a 4-year-old baby.


  • The product is not for petite babies as it tends to slip it from the waist and rests uncomfortably under the armpits.
  • This product is not for the early walkers either.

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When will my baby learn to walk?

To know this, any parent has to know the general timeline of a baby’s development. All children are different but you can have a rough guideline to understand when most toddlers start walking. Don’t worry, if your kid never crawls, because many babies start walking just after they learn how to stand. This is perfectly normal. Just make sure if your baby is using his arms and legs together to become ambulant. Most toddlers learn how to walk between his 9th to 14th months. If your baby is scooting, rolling around, crab walking or climbing the staircase using the hands, be perfectly sure that walking is not far behind.

When should a baby be able to sit?

After 2 months of lifting the upper body while lying on the tummy at 3rd and 4th month, the baby would start sitting by leaning forward while supporting himself with the hands. Babies learn to sit unsupported after 6th months.

How to encourage my baby to walk early? / How to help my baby learn walking?

The answer to this question relies completely upon you as you need to help your baby to develop the muscles that are needed for walking. Encourage the gross motor development of the baby so you’re your little one can walk early.

  • Help your baby to lift his head:

You need to help your baby to develop the most important sets of muscle that are needed for walking- the back muscles. The baby himself starts developing the back muscle by lifting the head while he lies on his tummy. So give your baby some tummy time for about 10 minutes. Encourage the baby to propel himself forward by placing a toy a little out of his reach.

  • Propel your baby to sit and crawl:

Start playing ball rolling with your baby. It will give your baby the encouragement to lean toward the ball. This way the baby will develop the impulse to move forward and crawl towards the toy which in turn develops the muscles of the neck, back, legs, arms, hips, and shoulder.

  • Help your baby to stand:

Support your baby to stand on a bouncy surface by holding him at his ribcage. Then encourage the baby to bounce. This way, the baby will develop the leg muscle.

  • Help your baby to start cruising:

After your baby can stand, he would start leaving his trail all over the room as he will start cruising (Scooting the feet along with a support). Help the baby by arranging sturdy furniture to make his way across the room. Always be close to the baby so that you can help him supporting him by holding his butt down so that your baby can sit without hurting his little tush.

Is my baby a delayed walker?

If your child is a delayed walker, don’t worry. Many children take longer than the other children. But if you have any question regarding your child’s development, consult a doctor to find the cause. There are some medical conditions which may affect your baby’s development-

  • Hypotonia:

This disease of the muscle tone is also known by the name floppy infant. There may be several causes to generate hypotonia so consult your doctor for testing.

  • Hypertonia:

This is the stiffness of the muscles at one or both side of the body. This happens at the age of 2-3 months when the muscle tone starts to increase.

  • There may be other causes. It’s better to consult your doctor to determine it.

What are the safety precautions to take?

The first thing is to remove the low tables with sharp corners which can hurt your baby’s eyes. Put away all those types of furniture which topple easily. Always pick up the toys from the floor as your child can trip over it. Put away the rugs and tuck the carpet to the floor. At the top and bottom of the stairs, install the safety gates. Always keep an eye on your baby while he’s on the staircase.

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