All new parents are terrified when it comes to clipping the nails of their baby. I was always scared of drawing blood of my new-born. And as far as I know, all the parents go through the same fear. But you will be surprised how efficient the Baby Nail Files and Baby Nail Clippers are these days. Babies need more attention when it comes to grooming and that is why their most basic grooming tools are also designed to be more efficient than the regular ones. There are so many options available in the market, it is almost terrifying. As a parent, you will obviously want the best for your infant. But what is the best really? Let’s start with the benefits of using such tools and then find out a few best ones available in the market.

Benefits to Customers When Using Baby Nail Files and Baby Nail Clippers

The nails of new-born babies grow very fast and they are soft and flexible. Your newborn can claw its face with the long nails because he/she is still not in control of his/her movements. Their nails grow so quickly. So, it needs trimming at regular intervals. But using adult cutters on their tiny fingers and toes is very risky. Thus the biggest benefit of using Baby nail cutter is safety. Let us discuss some more benefits of baby nail cutter and infant nail scissors here:

  • Infants have very tiny sized fingers and toes. The adult nail clippers are too big. Using them for cutting your infant’s nail could end up in bleeding baby fingers. You need a perfect sized small clipper and file. Otherwise, you could cut a part of your baby’s skin along with the nails.
  • The blades on the infant nail scissors are small and give you enough space to see what and where are you cutting. The blocked view can be very dangerous. Adult nail scissors are too big in size. The blades cannot accommodate the tiny soft nails of an infant and can cut a part of their finger skin.
  • Using proper baby grooming tools prevents ingrown nails in babies. Ingrown nails are as it is very painful even in adults. If not groomed properly, even babies can suffer nail ingrowth. I am sure you don’t want a crying baby because of the nail bed pain.
  • Filing the nails of your baby will give it a perfect soft round shape and soften all the rough and pointy edges of the cut nails. It will save your baby’s face from getting scratched. The skin of the babies is very soft while pointy nails can tend to be very sharp. They cut through the skin easily. Filed nails are blunt and soft, it protects the skin of the babies.

Types of Baby Nail Clippers:

You can find a variety of baby nail clippers available in the market. There are specific uses for all the types. Take a look at some of them:

1. Baby Nail Clippers with Built-in LED Lights:

One type of clipper available is the one with built-in LED lights. This kind of clippers illuminates the finger of the baby while cutting the nail and gives a clear view of what you are doing, minimizing the risk of cutting off nails deeply.

2. Baby Nail Clippers with Built-in Magnifying Lens:

One other type of clipper available is the one with a magnifying lens attached to it. It helps you cut the nails by looking more closely and do a clean job. Some clippers have a lens that magnifies 5X and gives a highly zoomed view of their fingernails.

3. Curved Edges:

The clippers that have curved clipping edges make sure the nails of the baby are cut in a perfectly round shape. They have a clipping blade in the perfect shape of a baby’s finger. Thus, no pointy edges are assured after cutting the nails.

4. Battery Operated Baby Nail Trimmer:

The battery operated tools are only meant for trimming the nails. But it is quite efficient. You just need to hold your baby’s hand in front of the trimmer and let it do its work. The battery operated tools are also faster than the manual trimming.

5. Spy Hole:

A spy hole lets you see what you are about to cut. It is an essential feature because it prevents a lot of accidents. You can see what you are doing and where, and that stops a lot of damage from happening. According to me, it is a genius feature to put into a grooming tool for babies.

How to Cut Baby Nails?

The best time to cut the nails of your baby is when it is sleeping. Babies keep on moving their hands and feet all the time and that is why it is safe to cut their nails while they are sleeping. Another good time is right after a bath. Bath softens the nails and cutting them becomes very easy. While cutting your baby’s nails, you need to take care of certain things like:

  • There has to be enough light while you cut the nails of your baby. Lack of light can result in wrong cuts. You need to see clearly what you are doing.
  • Don’t take chances with the size of the clipper. Always use the ones that are made especially to use on tiny nails.
  • It is very easy to cut off the skin from baby’s finger while cutting the nail. To avoid that, press the finger pad away and hold your baby’s hand firmly.
  • The fingernails should be cut along the edges to maintain the curve.
  • Don’t leave rough edges on the nails. Use an emery board to smooth them out.

In fact, during the first few weeks after a baby’s birth, doctors recommend using only the emery board because the nails are too soft.

7 Best Baby Nail Files and Baby Nail Clippers

I understand how difficult it is to make a choice when you have innumerable good options to buy from. Keeping in mind the requirements of the customer and the reviews over various products, I have shortlisted the top seven Best Baby Nail Files and Baby Nail Clippers available in the Market.

#1 ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Nail Trimmer:

Avoid the horrors and anxiety of cutting off more than the required baby nails. Use this electric baby nail trimmer where you just have to hold the hands of your baby steady along the trimmer. The battery-operated device will trim the nails of your baby painlessly.


  • The electric motor is noiseless. It will not irritate or scare your newborn.
  • It comes with two different speeds and rotation levels to make sure the nails are perfectly small and soft.
  • Compact and very easy to use.
  • It also comes with four cushion pads and grits for using on babies of different ages from newborn to 1 year.
  • The vibration is so soft that it won’t disturb your sleeping baby.


  • Runs on battery, so need
  • Cannot cut the nails and is difficult to use on hard nails.

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#2 Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail File:

You won’t have to keep it away after your baby grows up. It has attachments for adult usage also. This nail file can be used by anyone. It also has an illuminated front for better visual. This compact, light-weight, battery-operated device is very convenient to use on your baby’s fingers even after they grow up.


  • 6 different buffing pads – 3 cushioned ones for children and 3 for adults.
  • There is a LED light at the front of the trimmer.
  • Very quiet motor for noiseless trimming and no disturbance to the sleeping baby.
  • Multiple speed and rotation patterns.
  • Very soft on nail beds and cuticles of babies.


  • Batteries are not included in the pack.

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#3 NailFrida the SnipperClipper Set by Fridababy:

This clipper is a bestseller and the best option for busy working parents. The clipper comes along with a file to keep the nails of your baby even safer. It looks a little larger than other baby clippers but actually, it has proven beneficial. The tiny ones are difficult to hold in adult hands. This size is more convenient to use.


  • It includes an S-shaped file for closest trim possible.
  • The arc-shaped clippers mimic the natural curve of a baby’s finger.
  • It has a safety hole for monitoring your work and avoiding accidents before they happen.
  • The size is large enough for adult hands to hold it conveniently.


  • It is not battery operated. The manual design takes a longer time to finish the job.

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#4 BMBZON Baby Nail File Safe Electric Baby Nail Trimmer Nail Clippers:

The nails of infants need trimming frequently or they can scratch their faces. The manual design takes time if you want to perfect the nails. This electric trimmer is the Best baby electric nail trimmer when you want fast and perfect results. It is gentle enough to use on newborns and efficient enough to use on older babies too. This nail file has high and low-speed settings for each different rotational level. It is unique to this particular device.


  • It has an LED light front.
  • Several settings are controlled by one single button.
  • Whisper quiet motor that does not disturb a sleeping baby.
  • Different speed settings for every rotational setting.
  • Very gentle and fast.


  • Batteries are not included with the trimmer.

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#5 Baby Nail File, Fansidi Upgraded Safe Baby Nail Clipper:

This clipper with a solid positive response from many parents is very fast and efficient. The vibration of the pad is so soft that it won’t disturb a sleeping baby. It has got 3 sandpaper cushioned grits for babies and 3 for adults. The LED lights, one button working and speed and rotational adjustments make it a perfect tool for your baby’s grooming needs.


  • Easy to use – operated by one button
  • 4 working modes for clock-wise and counterclockwise movements.
  • LED light with high and low setting according to the speed.
  • Made of ABS material.
  • 6 grinding heads – 3 for children and 3 for adults.


  • Batteries not included.

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#6 Professional Electric Baby Nail File Clippers-MiniTeasure Upgraded Nail Trimmer with LED Front Light:

Just prepare a hand and foot cream, wet towel, install the battery in the body, and attach the right grinding head and you are good to go. The machine has 4 settings, right and left rotations and high and low speeds. After trimming the nails, wash your baby’s hand and feet or wipe with a wet towel and apply some cream on it.


  • It comes with 6 attachments – 3 for children and 3 for adults.
  • A baby nail file is also included.
  • It runs on 2 AA batteries and has a long and sustainable power supply.
  • It has an attached LED light for convenient trimming at night.


  • No batteries included.

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#7. Eggsnow Baby Grooming Kit:

Babies need more grooming than adults. Because of that, this according to me is the best option as it provides an entire manicure kit for the babies. You don’t have to look for all the tools differently. The Eggsnow grooming kit provides everything, a baby nail clipper, 2 sizes of nail scissors and a nail file. The design is ergonomic to accommodate both right and left-handed parents. The material used is stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.


  • 2 sizes of Baby nail scissors for children of various ages
  • The handles are anti-slip for added safety.
  • The storage bag has straps and dustproof cover for proper storage.
  • Curved edge clipper for safe trimming.


  • The manual design takes more time than an electric clipper.
  • The clipping sound can startle an infant while sleeping.

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After looking at the above options, I hope you are clear about what you want. Different parents have different choices as to whether they want to go for the manual process, an electric one, a complete grooming kit or opt some other available types. It is completely a personal choice of the parents. But whatever device you settle on for your baby’s grooming, the above-reviewed Baby Nail Files, and Baby Nail Clippers are the best ones in the market in my opinion. Of course, there will be other products with price differences, but the features will remain same more or less. Also, when it comes to our babies, there is an important issue of safety and the quality of the material is equally important. You can choose any one product from the above as these are the best options available as per my research and opinion.

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