An activity saucer is an important space for your baby to have freedom of movement to better develop muscle strength, movement firmness, tactile stimulation, visual and auditory senses and boost many other skills that are just being formed inside your baby’s new body. During this period of life, is important to have a variety of textures, bright colors, fun sounds, differentiated movements and lots of other stimulus to provide your baby with eye-hand coordination, different exercises to strengthen legs, back and neck muscles, improve motor skills and also offer the possibility of calmly siting around to learn by observing the world.

With this Top 10 Best Baby Activity Centers, I’ll help you to choose the right product not only for your baby to have an amusing playing time, but also to provide a fun and effective learning process since the first contacts. You’ll also be able to decide if it’s better to purchase an activity center that will start being used as a newborn or to buy a product that will start being part of your baby’s life a little latter but will also provide fun during a longer period of time.

Top 10 Best Baby Activity Centers

#1 Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price’s Rainforest Jumperoo is a baby activity center designed to be used by a child that is already able to hold the head up without requiring assistance, and that is not yet able to walk or climb, offering an electronic toy in front that has motion, music, and lights that are activated every time the baby spins a drum or by the parents, that can set up the option for four minutes continuous playing. This baby developing center will help your child to have a better balance and strength in the legs in a result of playing since a young age, and the three-position height adjustment is designed for a custom fit that will allow this product to grow with your baby.

With a 360º rotating seat that parents can open from the top, this product will allow your baby to play with plenty of freedom and space to interact with the world through features like the light-up musical piano. The maximum weight recommendation is 11.3Kg, and the maximum height is 81cm, but for a minimum, as soon as your baby can hold the head up still and touch the floor with at least part of the feet, you’re good to go with this sturdy baby activity center, that comes with a free-standing steel frame that will allow your baby to jump freely with all the needed safety.

This product does require 3AA batteries that are not included and doesn’t fold up for storage, but it’s still portable, being lightweight, easy to assemble and quick to take-down with a click into place system that will allow you to carry or storage as needed. It’s also easy to clean, with a removable seat pad that is machine washable and dryer safe, everything else being spot cleaned in few seconds, and the battery presents a good lifespan. In the end, if you choose this activity center to help in your baby’s development, you’ll be getting a good product for a fair low price that can have a compromise durability due to being built with lower quality materials, but that will last long enough to grow with your baby, just not being assured to be there for the next babies.

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#2 Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center, Multi, 4 Months

Skip Hop’s Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center was designed in collaboration with a pediatrician to provide your baby with a fruitful playing time with toys like the plastic discovery window, designed for the baby to see their own foot while playing the colored piano, helping to promote special awareness and teaching cause and effect. With a maximum weight recommendation of 12.7Kg, the minimum being 7.25Kg, this baby activity center require batteries to work and offers a short life spam for them in return, but also offers your baby a whole-body support to make play and learning not only easier but also more comfortable and fun.

Going to a higher range price in the market, this product can easily be converted into a cruiser, you just have to attach the removable pedestal where the seat is, to help your baby with support in that phase just getting into toddler but not completely there yet, and later, already as a toddler, your baby will have a sturdy playing table to rely on. This is a captivating playing center for babies and toddlers because the toys are removable and can be rearranged, having toy-attachment clips that will allow your baby access to a versatile playing environment to explore in a different way every day, being also roomy enough for you to put other toys in there and make each experience as rich as you can. It’s an easy to assemble and to disassemble product, with one big piece and removable legs, and the transportation just needs some storage space.

This sturdy baby activity center can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth, and the seat pad is made of soft polyester for your baby’s delicate skin. With a piano that is not to loud, different from other baby toys available in the market, this product also offers great lights, a spinning chair to help the child rotating from toy to toy in the table, and an adjustable bouncing board, that you need to be warned that the intensity of the bouncing movement depends on your child’s age and the strength of the impulse the baby can take from the foot base in each stage. In the end, it’s a product made of good quality material designed to be durable growing with your baby through life’s first years, offering a strong body support since the first months for your baby to explore the world with freedom of movement.

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#3 Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano

Fisher-Price’s 4-in-1 Step’n Play Piano is a “Best 9-1 Month Toy” award-winning baby activity center by “The Bump, Best of Baby 2016”, presenting your baby with a super-sized soft padded feet keyboard that works with a toy hand keyboard to encourage the development of coordination and fine motor skills by emitting sounds every time a piano key is pressed, also improving the development of the baby’s synchrony notion. Being recommended for children that can already hold their heads up and are not yet able to walk or climb, this playing table comes with many toys that light up and make different noises, stimulating your baby to use the 360º rotating seat to better explore the world.

This interactive playing center is also designed to grow with your baby, starting with a playing mat that can be with your newborn since the first day, being convertible into an activity center with a spinning seat that’s also removable for when your baby needs a walker to train the first steps, and later it can become a full activity table for your toddler to keep on learning with the provided visual and audio stimulations and playing possibilities, also coming with microphone, tambourine rattles and volume control. It’s a spacious toy that can’t be disassembled one fixed and doesn’t bounce, but it’s also a sturdy product that allows parents to choose between short-play, long play or baby makes the music and comes with three songs to encourage early learning. Bottom line is that for a higher price when compared to the other products available in the market, you’ll have a durable and differentiated toy that can be the differential your baby may need in life for a flourish able development.

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#4 Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Fisher-Price’s Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is a roomy baby activity center designed to grow with your baby through the three adjustable heights, that will provide a big amount of fun until your baby reaches 81 cm, the recommended maximum height. The maximum weight recommendation is for 11.3 Kg and this product requires 3 AAA batteries to work, but once it’s working your baby will have hours of fun with a seat that turns 360º, allowing the child to interact with all the different toys displayed around, and the jumping reward system, that will turn on lights, sounds and music for every time the baby jumps, granting hours of interactive fun.

The curved arms on the free-standing steel frame will allow your baby to jump and play safely by granting freedom of movement, and weighing around 7.7Kg, this baby activity center is sturdy enough to deal with a good amount of activity. Being roomy and heavy doesn’t make this product less versatile, since it can be easily disassembled, being needed only a large storage space for transportation, since taking apart the legs minimizes the volume, and the plastic central piece is the biggest one. You should definitely choose this product for taller babies, not only because of the height adjustment, bus also because of the firmness of the base, that will be hard even for a taller baby to move.

With this durable baby activity center, you’ll find easy to put your baby in and take out of amusement hours and to unassembled and reassemble the toy in more needed places around the house or outside, being also a simple product to clean, with a removable seat pad that can be machine washed and dried, and plastic and steel parts that you just have to spot wipe clean. In the end, this is a very easy to assemble the product that can come with bad packing but offers a fast shipping, made with good quality materials for a fair middle to high price range in the market. 

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#5 Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo

Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo, by Bright Starts, is an award-winning activity station and walker that later in life can be converted into a playing table to grow with your baby, also coming with more than fifteen activities to entertain and enhance your baby’s development. Made with non-toxic material, this baby playing center requires 3 C batteries, having a removable seat that rotates 360º, allowing your baby to safely move around the playing table’s perimeter to interact with each toy, offering plenty of freedom to help to make your baby’s development faster.

Without being a bouncer, this activity center is also the perfect substitute to a traditional walker, allowing the child to move freely inside a safe perimeter with an amount of entertainment big enough to keep a baby or a toddler entertained for hours, giving also more freedom for the parents to play with the child or engage in other activities. As the seat attaches underneath the table, there are no safety worries with the baby getting stuck in the spinning mechanism, and the diversity of activities will help your child to better develop action and reaction, motor-skills and self-propelling movements between others.

Being recommended for babies older than six months, so the feet can touch the ground, this activity center is great for parents that have or plan to have more than one child, allowing children to play together or apart just sharing the same toy. The maximum recommended weight goes up to 11.3Kg, and after that the center base of the toy can become to light, allowing the child to move the table when putting impulse in the seat, being more appropriate to remove the seat, converting this play stations into a unique activity table.

If you decide that this is the right product for you and your baby, my tip is to substitute the provided assembling hardware for ones that you see more fitted in order to get a firmer result and to have a good amount of space available for your baby to play with this toy. It can be difficult to assemble and the directions don’t help much, providing only pictures, but for one of the best prices available in the market in 2018, your baby will have a playing station sturdy enough to be pulled on, with a food tray function for the parents to create more interactive meals and even a spot to hook dangling toys.

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#6 Evenflo ExerSaucer Bouncing Barnyard Saucer

Evenflo’s ExerSaucer Bouncing Barnyard Saucer is one of the cheapest baby activity centers available in the market in 2018, offering more than twelve activities and the option to customize with your baby’s own favorite toys with the Take with Me Toys attachments, this is a product that can offer big amounts of fun for good periods of time providing your baby with a secure learn and play environment through a variety of shapes, colors, and stimulus to keep your baby happy and entertained.

This saucer is easy to assemble, comes with a removable machine washable seat pad and is great for babies who are learning to seat up, to work their legs and prepare to walk, already offering the walker support to make the transition phase into toddler even easier. Be advised, though, that this product can come with a bad packing, and wobbles around a little also. And if your baby is a chewer, my tip s for you to take off the decals that come on the number boards before they can find an easy way into the baby’s mouth, then you’re just good to go.

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#7 ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

The Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube, by ALEX Toys, is one of those classical timeless toys that kids will love and desire forever, being not that much of a baby activity center, since it’s recommended for babies older than twelve months, but much more of an activity table for toddlers and the fun with this product really begins when the child is already able to move the toy freely. Being a solid wood multi-dimensional activity cube, this playing center is an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award winner and offers to your toddler five sides of colorful and interactive entertainment.

With a fast shipping, this product can come with a bad packing, but even if it can’t be disassembled for travel of storage, it’s light enough to be easily moved around the house, and yet heavy enough to stand as a sturdy piece of furniture where your children can go play around every day. Designed to provide your baby with good visual and tactile stimulation for developmental growth and learning, this is a durable toy that will be with your child for years. If you decide to buy this product and your baby isn’t that much of a toddler yet, just be attempt because the corners of this toy are rounded, but the lines can be sharp with impact. In the end, you’re paying a middle range price for an activity center that in reality is a beautiful baby furniture that your child will enjoy for many years alone or share with other kids.

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#8 Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

Evenflo’s Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center is designed to grow with your child since the first month of life until a toddler size, offering a triple function that makes this product convertible into a playing mat, an activity center for babies and later an activity table with differentiated design for toddlers, also coming with three height adjustments for you to keep the toy up with your child’s size. With this product, not only the machine-washable pad is removable, but also the toys, allowing your baby to keep the favorite ones always close, and the 360º rotating seat will grant a good amount of mobility for your baby to learn to play.

With more than ten activities, this product will help your baby to better develop motor skills, object exploration and tactile development between others, also offering the parents a good portability that allows the product to fold smaller, making travel and storage much easier than other products, even coming with a carry handle. It does require 9 AAA alkaline batteries that are not included, and the cleaning process is also pretty easy, with the plastic parts being spot cleaned by wiping out with a slightly moistened cloth with mild soap and water. The assembling process can be difficult, though, with lots of parts that need to firmly tighten up to grant the safety your baby needs.

If your baby is too active, though, this might not be the right product for you, since the play mat can start being less entertaining very soon, and even the baby activity center offering better options, the company removed words from the sounds so the product could be sold in other countries, and this left some empty sound paces that may end up being less interesting than expected for some babies. Your baby will gradually learn to play with other parts of this toy as getting older, but there will also be a break between the growing stages, when your baby will be able to stand, being already too tall for the baby activity center option, but not strong enough to stand alone, being yet too little to use the toddler activity table.

One good thing about this baby playing center is that you can choose to let it rock or not, and if your baby likes to bounce, you’ll also have control over this toy to assure that it’s safely stable. It does come with bad instructions, and the removable attachments can become weak with time, but for a middle range price in the market, you’ll get your baby a long-term playing center that can begin being used as soon as your baby is born, contributing for an early learning beginning.

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#9 Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

The Activity Jumper Special Edition, by Baby Einstein, comes with a variety of toys to grant your baby plenty of entertainment and a few little shape links for parents to attach other toys and keep the baby exploring around with its 360º rotation removable seat, that also comes with a removable machine washable seat pad designed to offer the right amount of comfort for playing time. With an adjustable height that allows you to choose between five positions, this product has a weight recommendation up to 11.33 Kg and requires 3 AA batteries that are not included.

Being easy to wipe the toys and frame clean, this baby activity center comes with four activity stations to grant your baby a good amount of amusing hours, including a piano with volume control, lights, classical melodies and a language learning system that works in English, French and Spanish, helping your baby to have active contact with multiple languages since the first words. For a low price when compared to other baby activity centers available in the market, this is a durable product with an easy assembling process that results in a sturdy playing table with a comfortable and well supported high back seat that will provide plenty of stability for your baby to jump around or just sit down and play for a while.

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#10 Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer

Baby Einstein’s Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer is part of the Baby Einstein Classic Under the Sea Collection, made of plastic and polyester, with good educational content, link loops that allows parents to hook more toys around and volume controls for the ocean sounds and classical melodies that helps your baby to discover a world full of entertainment under the sea. This baby playing and learning center comes with more than eleven activities, including sound and light learning impulses and a language learning function that works in English, French and Spanish, to help your baby develop polyglot skills since the first words.

Recommended for babies that weight up to 11Kg and as tall as 76.2cm, this baby activity center comes with three height positions, different from advertised for a manufacturer, a seat that rotates 360º, amplifying the playing time interactivity, and a padded high back seat that will provide a good full-body support with plenty of comforts. This product is also very easy to clean, with a machine washable removable seat pad and toys and frame that can be spot wiped clean. It does require 3 AA batteries, but the product also comes with alkaline batteries for your baby to be able to play as soon as it arrives.

This activity center will offer your baby a good base for a better motor skill development by providing toys and features to be grabbed and grasped, but be advised that besides not offering major risks for the baby, the durability of this product can be compromised by the low quality of the materials, what can also bring the feeling of not being a very sturdy toy. It is easy to assemble, but different from advertised it doesn’t lay flat, taking a lot of storage space even if you remove the top and turn it upside down.

Baby Einstein also offer the options to purchase educational episodes that you can play to keep your baby entertained anywhere, and this activity center can come with a bad packing, but in the bottom line, it’s one of the cheapest baby entertainment centers available in the market in 2018 with some features, like the buttons, that will keep your baby amused for a long time, with safety, comfort and the learning language option, let’s not forget about this detail that can look small, but make all the difference when we’re talking about your baby’s first steps into the world of learning.

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What is a baby activity/ playing center/ saucer?

It’s a toy specifically designed for your baby to start learning about the world while playing safely attached to a secure mechanism that won’t allow your baby to move too much around while still learning the first movements, being easier for parents not only to keep an eye on the child but also to keep the baby entertained with a big amount of sensory stimulations that will help development in different areas.

The right activity center will provide your baby with a safe and comfortable place to sit and play, with lots of interactive options and movement to promote activities and encourage a healthy development through bending, squeezing, fitting and playing with the differentiated proposed toys. All this moving, spinning and jumping provided will help your baby to enhance larger motor skills and build stronger muscles.

When can I start using my baby’s activity center?

Depending on the product you choose, you can use your baby’s activity center since the first day of life as a newborn. The products that are specially designed to be with your baby during this part of life are the ones that come with the playing mat option, usually being versatile enough to later be reassembled as a playing canter or table.

If your baby’s activity center doesn’t come with the playing mat option, you should make sure your baby’s whole feet can touch the floor, providing the right amount of support for your child to jump around safely. This phase is known as cruising, and your baby will need lots of support to start sliding the feet and gradually be able to support all the weight in the feet and use the hands only to be steady until no more needing the walker assistance.

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