What’s a changing table and why do I need one?

A changing table, dresser or nursery table/dresser is a furniture designed to be the diaper changing station of your baby, with a fair space for you to have in hand anything that the baby may need during a health and hygiene diapers changing process.

Having a special corner just to change your baby daily will help in the prevention of many fungi and bacteria harassment that a non-hygiene ambient can present. Besides, having enough storage space to lay your baby safely and access all the essentials you’ll need for the task will add moments of comfort for you and your baby’s day.

5 Best Changing Table with Drawers

#1 Jonti-Craft Changing Table with Stairs

Jonti-Craft’s Changing Table with Stairs is not only adorable but also a very good training acquisition when we’re talking about your baby’s future. For a high price and a very differentiated design compared to the other baby changing stations and tables available on the market, you’ll have a durable nursery station with retractile stairs and three shelves of storage for your baby’s essentials.

Different from many products, I couldn’t find any complaints about the changing pad or the safety belt that comes with this baby changing table, and the best plus is that it comes already assembled, so you can use it as soon as it arrives.  Very versatile, this product also comes with a paper roll dispenser and you can choose which side you want to put the dispenser and the stairs!

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#2 South Shore Catimini Dresser Changer in White and Rustic Oak

South Shore is for certain a versatile brand when talking about baby furniture, and it’s Catimini Dresser Changer in White and Rustic Oak is not only a beautifully designed furniture but also a versatile baby dresser table that comes with a removable changing station, allowing it to be a part of your baby’s life for a longer period of time. That’s also good when we’re talking about customer service, that I didn’t find much need for with this particular product, but have been proved to be very efficient with other South Shore baby furniture’s, including the Angel Changing Table, also rated on this list.

This baby changing station comes with an assembly manual, but installing it can still be a complicated process, so I advise you to get some more professional help. The finishing is a little fragile, but this baby dresser comes also with a finishing pen for you to go over any damaged spot and keep it as beautiful as new for a longer period of time.

One of the best things in this diaper changing station, not mentioning, of course, the big and versatile storage space you’ll have in hands, is the top divider, that will prove to you to be very useful. In the end, with this product, you’ll get exactly what you paid for and will be very happy with the stylish choice you’ve made for your baby.


  • Removable changing station with top divider;
  • 5-years quality guarantee;
  • No sharp corners;
  • Come with finishing pen.


  • Bad packing;
  • Not easy to assemble;
  • Fragile finishing.

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#3 Costzon Baby Changing Table Infant Diaper Nursery Station with 6 Basket Storage Drawers

This Baby Changing Table and Infant Diaper Nursery from Costzon comes with six very spacious baskets that have safety rails on all sides, making it a great diaper changing station for the cheapest price on this top 5. As for any piece of furniture designed for babies, you must be an attempt to the amount of weight you can put on the baskets, but if you stick with the baby changing station essentials you’ll be fine for a long time with this product.

Though it comes with a changing pad that includes a safety belt, you might prefer to use another baby changing pad, since some people find the one that comes with this baby changing table to be too thin and get flat easily. The assembling process is easy, especially because the product comes with labeled parts and very helpful pictures on the assembling guide.


  • Safety rails on all sides;
  • Comes with changing pad and safety belt;
  • Fast shipping;
  • Easy guided assembling;


  • Changing pad is too thin.

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#4 South Shore Furniture Angel Changing Table with 6 Drawers

South Shore’s Furniture Angel Changing Table comes with six drawers that have metal glides, making it a complete baby dresser and diaper changing station, counting also with a removable changing station, what allows your baby to have a long-term beautiful furniture. It also comes with a hardware to be fixed to the wall, offering an essential safety mechanism that you’ll remember to have option for when it’s no more a diaper changing station, and already a complete baby dresser without the changing station.

The assembling process can be a little tricky and longer than you initially thought it to be, so I advise you to get a more professional help with the installation of this baby dresser table. But for one more piece of cake, South Shore does have an efficient customer service, that I’ve heard to have helped people with fast replacements and a hole phone walk thru the assembling process. Be also attempt with the packing on arrival to make sure nothing was damaged during transportation and you’ll be just fine. This is definitely a product that worth its price when we’re talking about many babies changing stations and baby dressers available in the market.


  • Big storage with 6 drawers;
  • Comes with a removable changing station;
  • Made of non-toxic material;
  • Efficient customer service;
  • No-falling from the wall’ hardware included.


  • Big pack;
  • Difficult to assemble.

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#5 DaVinci 3-Drawer Changer Dresser

The 3-Drawer Changer Dresser by DaVinci is the second cheaper option in this list, coming with an anti-tip kit, changing pad and a safety strap. Being painted with a non-toxic process, it’s made in a good quality material (fragile, though, be attempt) that makes it more than worth the price for what you can expect from other diaper changing stations in the market.

The assembling process can be a little complex even with the manual, so I advise you to look for a more professional help installing this baby dressing table, but once it’s done, you’ll find your baby to have a beautiful and sturdy furniture in his room that, later in life, can be converted in a baby dresser adjusted to any child’s needs.

The delivery is fast, but it can be a problem, and my advice to you is simple: open and check your product during the delivery process to assure nothing was damaged due to bad packing. And you also should be an attempt to the quantity of weight you put inside the drawers, because this furniture was designed to handle baby stuff, such as very light clothes and diapers, so just don’t go all books, toys, and bottles and you’ll be ok.

Some people find a problem in the lack of covers for the screw heads, but even if you believe it to make the changing station less attractive, just think that it’s safer to have less little pieces as possible laying around. And if you already have a standard size (16” x 32”) changing pad at home, you have two good advantages: it will be probably thicker and less flat that some find the one from this diaper changing station to be, and it will also leave a couple inches of spare room at the end of the dressing station, which you can use to put those baby essentials just in reach.


  • Comes with anti-tip kit, changing pad and safety straps;
  • Quality material for a good price;
  • Drawers are spacious;
  • Fast delivery.


  • Thin changing pad;
  • Bad packing.

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