My son was supposed to due on December 29, 2016 but he hurried to see the world on December 25, 2016 which is the same birth date to his dad (me!).

It’s been a tough time for my wife through out these 39 weeks. Finally, my son was born and it sounds so cool to have double birthday parties every year.

I am writing this article from the hospital. So, I cannot express all of my feeling about being a novice dad in this post. For now, I am going to upload some photos for you to enjoy and at the same time tell you about the baby delivery.

What happened first?

I have been sending my wife to hospital since December 23, 2016 and the doctor mentioned that the baby might be born soon because of rapid contractions shown on the machine so she asked us to stay at the hospital. Since my wife was not feeling pain, she denied and said we would return to the hospital once she felt pain or other signs of labour pain. Thus, the doctor let us go home and made an appointment again on the next day.

We went back home and nothing happened on the night of the 23rd. So, of course we slept and returned to meet the doctor again on the 24th. The doctor checked and said my wife would delivery the day or tomorrow, but this time allowed us to go home and told us that we can return anytime just give a call to the hospital.

On the night of the 24th, my wife started to feel much pain and the baby was kicking consecutively for about 10 minutes without a pause, but all was gone when we decided to come to the hospital. At 12:00 AM of the 25th, we took tuktuk to the hospital and the doctor was waiting in the emergency room already.

My wife was still smiling inside the emergency room since her pain disappeared.

At 12:30 in the morning of December 25, 2016. She was still smiling since the labour pain was still little.

I accompanied and observed her all the time throughout the whole delivery process. She was strong enough to fight this!

We were in the labour room from 12:30 AM and stayed awake until 2:30 AM, then we both fell a sleep because her labour pain disappeared, but it reappeared at 05:50 AM in the morning. She woke me up and the pain started to go higher, contractions went up very fast.

Just so you know, nothing could stop and the pain went higher until my son was born at 8:40 AM of December 25, 2016, so the labour lasted for 2 hours and 50 minutes.

My son, Chour Vuthisith, This picture was taken by nurse just 5 minutes post delivery.
His long feet 🙂 I took this picture after cleaning and he was assisted with oxygen
This picture was taken by a nurse at 8:50 AM, on December 25, 2016 which is 10 minutes post delivery.
This picture was taken on December 26, 2016 when my wife tried to walk post delivery.
Hello, it’s me V. Visedh.

That’s it for this post! I’ll keep you updated on my personal parenting journey!


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