#1 Sterilizer and Dryer, by Aian

Aian’s Steriliser and Dryer comes with different color options for you to choose, but they influence the products final price. This baby bottle sterilizer uses a combination of ultraviolet and infra-red lights in its triple effect technology, assuring your baby with a quick and effective removal of 99.99% of harmful micro-organisms with its automated process. It’s also built with a ventilation system that allows a constant supply of fresh air inside the unit. Allowing you to program it to do a twenty-minute drying and sterilization cycle with just one touch, this sterilizer was tested by a third-party laboratory and proven to remove 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, and not only for this list but also for the hole market, this is the highest percentage you’ll find to keep your baby protected.

With a medium to high price range on its baby bottle sterilizer, Aian also offers a patented delivery of UV and infra-red lights, what aligned with a quality building makes it a durable product with a spacious room that comes with removable trays, allowing you to pace multiple items that can variate from baby bottles and toys to daily items such as keys and nail tools. This sterilizer is also easy to program, offering a one-touch system that plays audio messages to inform the beginning and end of each 20-minute drying and sterilization, so you can spend more time with your little one and less controlling the bottles sterilization cycle.

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#2 HN-03 Multi-Functional Baby Bottle Sterilizer 3rd Generation Bluetooth 220V, by Haenim

Haenim’s HN-03 Multi-Functional Baby Bottle Sterilizer 3rd Generation Bluetooth 220V has been recently upgraded and, good news for our babies, the improvements wore for better. Its Bluetooth will allow you to spend more time with your baby since you can link the cell phone to the sterilizer and control the time left in each cycle through an app that will also show you when it’s time to replace the lamps, but you can also choose to not check the app and just do it when they start to dim at both ends. For a high price compared to other sterilizers in the market, you’ll also have the best baby bottle sterilizer, that will also arrive fast and well packed.

This product comes with a few color options that will influence the final price and with a storage function that can be activated up to eight hours. But be an attempt, because if you intend to use this product in the United States, you’ll need a step-up voltage over 500W, that can be easily found on Amazon. That’s because the product comes with Asian “C” and “F” plug types, that are two round pins, so if the local power supply works with AC 100 ~200V, it needs a transformer for 200VAC to 100VAC conversion. It also comes with a digital display that shows time and temperature, 3 auto modes, 2 UV modes and 3 dry modes.

With its internal PTC heater and UV lamps, Haenim offers good quality for the price you’re paying, and a one-year warranty that covers almost all issues, the exception being issues raised from misuse. You can place items on top of this product, but I advise you to be an attempt to the weight since you don’t have to worry about the door breaking in the metal hinges because of the wide opening. Its drying mode use UV light together with the fans, powering the sterilization process and effectiveness, and it’s also easy to clean, since the air filter can be washed and rinsed, and for this once a month should be enough, but if you use the product more than most people, you can just be attempt to yours and your baby’s needs. In the end, with this product, you’ll have more time and peace to take care of your baby for a very fair price compared to other products available in the market.

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#3 Touch Panel Dual Function UV Sterilizer & Dryer, by Wabi Baby

The Dual Function UV Sterilizer and Dryer, by Wabi Baby, is one of the best baby bottle UV sterilizers available in the market, offering a thirty-minute drying and sterilization that can be programmed with a single touch. It also comes with a dual ventilation system that is designed to offer a fast and efficient drying using a low-heat technology that allows you to use this product to sterilize other objects like electronic devices and jewelry, for example.

This sterilizer can be easily cleaned after usage by wiping it down with a clean cloth, and each UV bulb has a durable life that goes around 6000 hours. With simple settings that will show you four touch buttons responsible for different preset timers that can be increased at a repeated touch, this product takes some space, but when you need to sterilize all your baby’s stuff in one go you’ll realize that all this space is given back to you with efficiency. It’s also very easy to set up and clean, almost silent and very spacious.

With a programming that allows you to sterilize, dry and storage, this product will do it all at once or separately, with the possibility to be settled for a continuous cycle that will storage your items and sterilize them for one minute every two hours, allowing you to always have a sterilized bottle on hand to feed your baby, all you have to do is choose yours and your baby’s needs and turn it on. This product was also microbiology tested by a third-party laboratory and has ETL certification for US and Canada regulations.

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#4 Touch Panel Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer & Dryer Bowl Towel Disinfection UV Sterilizer Multi-Use Sterilization, by Spectra-OEM

Spectra-OEM’s baby bottle sterilizer comes with a few color options for you to choose that won’t influence the product’s final price. This multi-usage and spacious sterilizer come with a storage function that will be activated the UV sterilization for one minute every two hours, ensuring a complete sanitation that lasts around ten hours, and the function can be easily activated in the settings. With a single touch, you can also program this beautifully designed sterilizer to automatically dry and sterilize a big variability of objects in cycles of twenty to forty minutes. The low-temperature drying with the RapidDryTM dual ventilation will take 10 minutes, the UV sterilization will take 5 minutes and the last part of ventilation with the triple fan system will take 20 minutes. Yes, it has three ventilators that work simultaneously and reduce the drying time by half when compared to other products available in the market, giving you more time to spend with your baby before, during and after the sterilization process. With a few more touches you can also increase the programmed time, giving two touches for a 30 minutes cycle and three touches for a 40 minutes cycle.

The Touch Panel Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer & Dryer Bowl Towel Disinfection UV Sterilizer Multi-Use Sterilization can be easily cleaned by wiping it down with a clean cloth, and the low-temperature drying environment will always keep its degree bellow 40, offering a safer sterilization process for your baby. It will warn you with a sound alarm the beginning and end of each cycle, but if your baby needs some silence, you can easily turn on the mute mode by pressing the storage button for about two seconds and just do the same to turn it off.

This baby bottle sterilizer uses the same microfiber pre-filter used in the air purifier, that can be water washed, used semi-permanently and whenever you need a replacement, it’s easy to find. One more good thing about this product is the PTC Heater System, that reduces by itself the amount of current when the temperature rises above a certain level, maintaining the proper temperature while certifies your baby the elimination of 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms with a super mirror that increases the UV sterilization reflectance, making the process more powerful and effective.

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#5 Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer, Sanitizer & Dryer for Baby Bottles, Toys, Electronics & More, by BLUEZONE

BLUEZONES’s Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer, Sanitizer & Dryer for Baby Bottles, Toys, Electronics and more comes with a few color options for you to choose, and this doesn’t influence the final price of the product. Its been revealed in a study to be able to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria due to its reflective chamber, responsible for maximizing the reach of UV lights, and with its storage function, you can just sterilize the needed items and leave them clean inside this baby bottle sterilizer until your baby needs them.

Because there’s no hot water in the process this product uses, there’s also no risk of burnings, for your or your baby when the time for freedom of movement comes, and this sterilizer comes already settled up with an auto-cleaning function that doesn’t have to be activated, sterilizing and drying its interior together with your items in each cycle. And if you choose this product to take care of your baby’s products hygiene, I have some tips for you. Before putting bottles and other kinds of containers in, give them a good shake off to get rid of an excess of humidity, and make more than one sterilizing cycle turning different objects around to make sure that all the different surfaces will be exposed to the UV light.


  • Storage function;
  • No need to set up;
  • Auto-clean process in each sterilizing cycle.


  • Instruction manual comes in Chinese.

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#6 ECO-22 Baby Bottle Multi Anion Sterilizer Ultraviolet Deodorant 220V, by ECOMOM

ECOMOM’s ECO-22 Baby Bottle Multi Anion Sterilizer Ultraviolet Deodorant 220V is a three in one sterilizer that offers a few color options for you to choose, and this influence the product final price. It comes with a warm air fan, a UV-C light sterilization and an anion deodorant that works at the same time, granting you and your baby a complete sterilization process that will keep hazardous micro-organism away. This baby bottle sterilizer is also multi-usage, being able to sterilize from baby essentials and toys to daily objects and electronics, and its patented nipple sterilization was specially designed to catch bacteria inside the rubber. With a differentiated design that can leave some competitors behind, ECO-22 is a good and durable product that deserves to be the best baby bottle sterilizers available in the market.

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#7 UV Sterilizer and Dryer for Baby Bottles, Toys and More, by Porshron

Porshron’s UV Sterilizer and Dryer for Baby Bottles, Toys and More is a multi-usage sterilizer designed for your baby or toddler to love it at the first look, with an only option design made for infants. Is uses authorized PHILIPS UV lights responsible for eliminating 99.9% of bacteria in exposed surfaces, and here comes the advice: you can do more than one turn to expose different parts of your baby’s different shaped bottles to the UV light, assuring a more complete sterilizing cycle. The cycles can also complete the drying and sterilizing functions automatically, and the long-time reach bio-clean storage function also runs the UV sanitizer every two hours, offering your baby one of the best sanitizing cycles available in the market. This baby bottle sterilizer also comes with over-temperature protection, an electromagnetic safety door lock device, and a patented UV-proof door glass, being safer if you plan to put it inside your baby’s nursery or bedroom.

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Why do I need to sterilize my baby’s bottles?

To be honest, you don’t really need to, but choosing to do so is also choosing to give your baby a better protection against hazardous micro-organisms that can cause many different diseases. While your baby’s immune system is still being constructed through the first contacts with the world, its still very fragile and the more protection you can offer, the safer and healthiest your baby can grow. With a baby bottle sterilizer, it’s not only easy but also a good way of being sure that the sterilization method you’re using will be effective since you can easily check all the products specifications and choose the right one for yours and your baby’s necessities.

For how long do I have to sterilize my baby’s bottles?

If we-re talking about how many minutes are ideal for you to be assured of your baby’s bottles sterilization, it depends. Each product has its own variabilities that can make the process to be faster or longer, but the ideal time usually rests between thirty and forty minutes. If you don’t know what to do, I recommend you to put a forty minutes cycle and make a smaller cycle of fifteen to twenty minutes with the bottles turned in different positions. Since the sterilization usually works with surfaces that have been exposed to the ultraviolet lights, you want to be sure that every single corner of your baby’s bottles, toys, and other objects have been appropriately sterilized.

If we’re talking about the period in life during which you need to sterilize your baby’s bottles and toys, on the other hand, things change. You’re sterilizing to protect your baby from the hazardous contact with micro-organisms, but as soon as the baby grows and starts to be able to catch things, more contact with this kind of micro-organisms the baby will have, and the immune system will also be more developed, so if you see as pointless to keep on sterilizing your baby’s bottles at that point, they’ll probably be cleaner than some other objects that may find a way into your baby’s hands and mouth. But here you should listen to my advice and keep your baby bottle sterilizer just in hand, so if your baby has any health problem you can start using it again until the immune system is back to normal and your baby free of diseases again.

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