9 Powerful Nutrients that Help Us Sleep Better (Infographic)


At the end of the day, every person especially parents deserve to go to bed, rest their eyes and drift to sleep.

Sleep is something we have in common with every living thing on earth and it is still vital for our health to this day. By getting enough restful sleep we get the following benefits

  • Enhanced memory and capabilities to solve problems. While we sleep the brain organizes our memories and reviews the important information we learned during the day.
  • Improved mood. The brain rests its social and emotional parts during sleep to recharge us for the next day.
  • Maintaining good health. The body produces hormones that help cellular growth and recovery. The hormones also help to support the immune system.

If you are a parent then I have got bad news for you. A poll done by the National Sleep Foundation showed that 74% of stay at home moms had symptoms related to insomnia. For the dads, the results should be the same. Being a parent can take a toll on your sleep quality.

What you probably already know is that the sleep pattern between you and your child are completely different. Sleep guidelines from the Sleepfoundation show that newborns need around 14 to 17 hours of sleep while toddlers need around 11 to 14 hours a day.  Luckily the recommended amount for adults is just 8 hours.

Not getting enough sleep will without a doubt have a negative impact on your and your child’s life. One of the worst is a side effect of sleep deprivation is being at higher risk of having high blood pressure and heart disease. Children will have the following negative side effects of not getting enough sleep:

  • Develop behavioral problems
  • Get Mood swings
  • Function poorly at school

Adults will have the following negative side effects of not getting enough sleep:

  • Overweight problems
  • Develop symptoms of depression
  • Function poorly at work

If you already have sleep problems you might get depressed by just looking at these negative effects.

But cheer up!

You can get better sleep very easily. In fact, you are already doing it. I am talking about eating or rather the nutrients you are consuming. Simply adding a banana or milk to your diet might do some wonders for your night rest.

Yes, there are nutrients out there that have a powerful effect on the quality of your sleep. You are probably familiar with the biggest sleep nutrient melatonin. But were you aware of magnesium? It relaxes the muscles and reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body. By doing this, it is making your body and your mind relaxed and ready for sleep. Glycine also relaxes your mind by reducing anxiety and nervousness before sleep.

You might be wondering which foods you can find these nutrients. Great question, in the infographic below you can find all the nutrients and the foods in which they can be found. Consume these foods and enjoy your peaceful night.

9 Powerful Nutrients That Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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