Having a newborn is both exciting and exhausted. Lots of preparation need to be done before labour day. In this post, I am going to talk about preparing clothes for newborn.

Clothes Types:

There are many options of clothes for a newborn. It includes fully covered, with hand covered, feet covered or we buy them separately.

  • Shirt
  • Onesie
  • Long-sleeve shirt
    • Long-sleeve onesie
      • Coveralls
      • Sleepers
    • Long-sleeve shirt with mittens
    • Kimono top
    • Sleeping gown
      • Sleep sack “Wearable blanket”

Despite these types of clothes, we have to be aware of our baby’s comfort. So, you may avoid clothes that hurt the baby when they are laying like shirts with big buttons, or shirt with back tie because they will lay on their back and feel very uncomfortable.


Preparation clothes for newborn:


It is highly important for parents to wash the new clothes with baby detergent before letting their child wear the clothes for the first time. Do not confuse to use the adult clothes detergent. Dry them separately from adult clothes.

When all is dried up, you may want to put a mitten in one another just to avoid losing one.

Cut the label:

A few clothes brands make the label outside the frabic since they are aware of baby’s comfort. However, if you happen to buy shirts with the inside labels, you will have to cut them because the child might find it itchy.


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