What is a nipple shield?

A nipple shield is a silicone nipple cover used for assisting breastfeeding. The nipple shield is good when the nipples are flat or too new that result in baby rejecting to be breastfed.

1. Pigeon Nipple Shields

Pigeon is a well-known brand for its baby products. It varies from milk bottles to breast pumps. For nipple shield, I am going to say this Pigeon brand stand out first.

What we like:

It is soft as nipple and long enough for newborn’s mouth.

Price is good and we can simply buy to test if it works for individual’s breasts.




What we don’t like:

It is not firmly attached to breasts. Thus, it might fall off with baby’s moving hands.

It might make baby getting used to such silicone only, and reject breasts.

♣ It might be a lot longer than your nipples, then leave empty space.

♣ You should be cautious about its size as it might not fit your nipples.

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 2. Mandela Nipple Shields

This nipple shield works well for huge nipple, but still flat and baby rejected to be fed.

It works best to give your sore nipples a break. Also, the arch of the shields allow baby to breathe easier.

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