Best Nipple Shields for Breastfeeding


Earlier I introduced a topic on how to prepare nipples for breastfeeding. That topic grabbed a lot of attention and awareness; and today as an addition to that, I would like to tell about the top 7 best nipple shields available in the market, but first let’s start with the basic: 

What are nipple shields?

A nipple shield is a cover that is used to help mothers lactate their newborn babies. It is usually made from thin but flexible silicone piece and sometimes even out of rubber. It is placed on the nipple of a mother that helps them feed their young ones. The milk then flows through to the baby’s mouth freely without much difficulty. 

So, we question ourselves “Do I need one?”

Personally, I did need one and used one because my son rejected my nipples since he was born and accepted only to drink my pumped breast milk from a baby bottle.

A lactation consultant will be able to help you with this in the best possible manner. However, we can guide you through this in a general way if you are really interested in knowing more.

A nipple shield is a must-have for:

  1. Mothers that have flat, inverted or cracked nipples
  2. Again, women that have an overactive supply can also use these shields to protect their babies against choking hazards
  3. For ill or premature babies that need special care while feeding
  4. Babies born with tied lip or a tongue can also need these shields until doctors take care of the situation

How to use nipple shields?

The first thing that you should do is to sterilize a new pair of nipple shields with boiled water. This will soften the shield and make it easy to use. Then, wash your hands thoroughly to get started. Follow these steps to get started with it:

  1. You can turn the shield inside out and then rest it on your areola
  2. Then, it will suck your areola and ensure there is no air inside
  3. Pump a little bit of your breast milk into it to secure it (So, baby will know it’s his milk)
  4. Press some more of milk to help your baby with lactating and ensure the shield is firmly attached to your areola
  5. Make your baby aware of this shield by gently stroking their lips with the shield
  6. Be vigilant enough to make sure that your baby gets enough milk

Nipple Shields Buying Guide

Below it contains the things you should consider before buying a nipple shield.

  • Quality – Since you will be feeding your baby with these, you must ensure that they are of the highest quality. This is why you should use silicone nipple shields only as they are safer and easier to use. 
  • Budget – Yes, you must keep a budget in your mind while purchasing nipple shields. This will certainly help you sort it out further in an organized way. 
  • Brand – Go for a brand, like the way we usually whenever do, we buy anything for our baby. A brand means trust and you must buy from someone you have faith in. 
  • Comfort – You must also look for comfort and efficiency of a nipple shield. That means both you and your baby should be comfortable using one. There is nothing more important than this.


As far as maintenance is concerned, you must be told that nipple shields need replacement once a month. There is more to this and we have got a few tips for its maintenance as well over here:

  1. Always wash them with boiled or warm water
  2. You can use a dish soap or any soap that you are using for cleaning baby’s utensils
  3. Rinse properly and clean them on a daily basis
  4. Check on them regularly for wear and tear
  5. They may look fine, but you must make sure that they are not contaminated with bacteria

Top 7 Nipple Shields Review



We have a few of the best nipple shields reviewed in this segment. Have a look at them to learn more.

#1 Medela Contact Nipple Shield, Medium

Medela claims to breastfeed is the heart of their business and they have lived up to the expectations of mothers for years. A nipple shield was just another gift from the house of Medela and you will be surprised to know that most mothers find this to be a reliable brand as well. This is a professional tool that can be used by mothers to feed their babies quite effortlessly.


  1. Ideal for mothers that face difficulty with latching on while breastfeeding
  2. It is a BPA free contact nipple shield
  3. Has a unique design that helps the baby to remain in contact with the mother’s skin while feeding
  4. It is thin and this makes it undemanding to feed
  5. Comes with a nice cut out that makes it all the more unproblematic to feed


  1. The nipple seems to be somewhat bigger in size
  2. You get only one per purchase

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#2 purifyou Premium Nipple Shield, Set of 3 with Soft Cotton Reusable Drawstring Bag — Non-Toxic, BPA and BPS Free

The biggest relief is that you get 30-day money back guarantee because this company knows their true worth. It makes you and your baby feel comfortable while feeding. Remember there is nothing better than mother’s milk for babies. You can even buy nipple shield cases to keep these shields clean. These shields ensure that your baby gets vital nutrients that are required from their mother’s milk.


  1. It gives you the stability you need while feeding
  2. It latches on your skin properly
  3. Allows you skin contact with the baby
  4. Is a non-toxic and worry-free nipple shield
  5. Is BPS Free, BPA Free, phthalate free, latex free and lead-free
  6. Moreover, these come packed in drawstring bags that totally recyclable


  1. These are thicker the rest which could be a problem for some mothers
  2. These are 20 mm which is different from standard sizes

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#3 Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shields

Lansinoh nipple shields are considered to be the one for preemies, ill infants and for babies born with a lip or tongue-tied. Using this under the guidance of professionals can make it more expedient for lactating mothers for sure. Furthermore, Lansinoh is a leader of breastfeeding and nursing products as well as accessories. You get a brand that has been trusted for 30 long years in this line of business.


  1. You get nipple shields and a carry case with this purchase
  2. This implies that you can keep them sanitized anytime anywhere
  3. The shields are made of 100% soft silicone
  4. It is skin friendly for moms as well as their babies
  5. You can expect skin to skin touch with these shields
  6. Are of high quality and not at all flimsy types


  1. The nipples run large in size, but babies may find it difficult to latch on
  2. Does not on breast for long in some cases

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#4 Philips AVENT BPA Free Nipple Protector, Small

Who is not aware of these two names? Avent seems to have won over mommies all over the world and Philips already has the fame they needed. Undoubtedly, together they make a mammoth of a name. These nipple shields offer you the comfort and your baby the protection that it needs. Enjoy your bonding time while providing for your young ones. We have something more to add to this. So, read with care.


  1. This is a BPA free nipple shield from two well-known brands
  2. The silicone shields are taste and odor free
  3. You can sterilize them pretty without problems
  4. Available in two different sizes for anxious mothers
  5. Can stick to the bare skin in an effortless manner
  6. It is a durable product that needs no mention owing to the names associated with it


  1. Little pricey for the size
  2. Edges may hurt the mother if not attentive when baby latches

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#5 NUK Barely There Nipple Shield with Case

NUK seeks to protect sensitive nipples and babies born with difficulties to nurse. It has been observed that babies usually live latching on while using NUK nipple shields. They rarely cry and this turns mealtimes into a happy hour for mothers as well as babies. The holes in the shields allow babies to breathe while feeding and this has to be the best feature of this brand.


  1. Is made from quality silicone
  2. The triangular design makes skin contact possible and that adds to bonding
  3. The nodules are soft and unquestionably, stimulate flow of milk
  4. Your nipples remain secured while you can breastfeed with no exertion
  5. Expect less weaning of babies with this shield around


  1. The nipple area is bigger than expected and that may take a toll on the little ones
  2. The flaps at times get in the way while feeding and that could be a concern

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#6 Ameda Nipple Shield

Although, using Ameda under a professional healthcare professional is a must, yet this is one is easy to use nipple protector. It is ultra-thin and made of flexible silicone. Besides all this, it must be added that this comforts weaning babies to some extent because they get some skin contact with their mothers while latching.


  1. Serves as a cushion for sensitive and sore nipples
  2. It goes without saying that it encourages the baby’s attachment
  3. You can feed your newborn without any fear with these nipple shields on
  4. These are easy to wash
  5. Super easy to use and has no learning curve at all
  6. Can be handy to teach infant latching, even if used to bottle feeding


  1. If you compare it with major brands, then yes it has to be mentioned that it is way thicker than them
  2. The nipple part is longer than is required

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#7 Pigeon Nipple Shields

Pigeon is a well-known brand for its baby products. It varies from milk bottles to breast pumps. For nipple shield, I am going to say this Pigeon brand stand out first.


  1. It is soft as nipple and long enough for newborn’s mouth.
  2. Price is good and we can simply buy to test if it works for individual’s breasts.


  1. It is not firmly attached to breasts. Thus, it might fall off with baby’s moving hands.
  2. It might make baby getting used to such silicone only, and reject breasts.
  3. It might be a lot longer than your nipples, then leave empty space.
  4. You should be cautious about its size as it might not fit your nipples.


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BONUS: Nipple Shield Carrying Case

If you want to carry or store your nipple shield in a discreet way, then opting for a nipple shield carrying case is the way to do it. We have found one of the most popular cases for you today, here is our take on it.

Best-selling Nipple Shield Carrying Case, Perfect Solution for Medela Shields and Similar Shields, By Modern Momma; Flamingo Pink

The best part of this nipple shield carrying case is that it can be used to store any standard nipple shield. You must not worry about the space as it has ample of storage available in this case. In fact, investing in a carry case means you can easily locate the nipple shields when required. Plus, you can store your shields in a hygienic way. There is more to this like:


  1. Most importantly, this case has been approved by the FDA
  2. It is a BPA free plastic that is certainly compliant with the principles of FDA
  3. The perforated holes help the moisture to escape, thus keeping your nipple shields disinfected
  4. It is easy and is dishwasher safe too


  1. It is just a box that you may find at a dentist’s office too
  2. Breaks easily, so you need to be careful while using it

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Finding the best nipple shields for breastfeeding may not be an easy task. Don’t worry we have got you covered for that. Yes, but make sure that you have consulted your LC for more while choosing these shields. Hope we have answered all your questions in this post. Feel free to connect with us through the comments section for more details.


Q1. How to find the right nipple shield size?

Ans. You can seek help from your LC or any other healthcare professional for this. Most brands offer their sizing, you can consult them for added advantage too.

Q2. Is this a permanent solution for breastfeeding?

Ans. To be honest, no, this certainly is a temporary solution. If other alternatives do not work, only then should choose this option.

Q3. Can it decrease the milk supply?

Ans. Studies show yes, it can. You must select thin silicone ones over latex to avoid this.

Q4. Does it take longer to feed with them?

Ans. Yes, it does. Again, if your baby gets used to it, then things may vary.

Q5. What should be done then?

Ans. Use them as a provisional solution and then slowly introduce your baby to your breasts (only after your physician says so).

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