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Make the Best Baby Monitors Work for You

Parenthood is a blessing, but there are a lot of challenges that you may have to cope up with for this. In fact, the use of modern gadgets can make your job easier these days. One thing that every parent finds the hardest is putting their baby to sleep. You may need a baby monitor for this as you can keep a tab on your baby constantly with this gadget. This device is a simple transmitter with a receiver that can be used to listen to the noises of your baby. You must invest in one of the best baby monitors in case you plan to put your baby to sleep in another room or crib to next as some parents do not prefer co-sleeping. A separate room for your baby means parents get their privacy and time that they can spend after hours of parenting. It works like a breather for parents otherwise.

Types of the baby monitors

Once you have decided to buy a baby monitor, you will notice that there are quite a lot to be found. This may confuse you, but you need to stay focused on your requirements and choose accordingly. In order to make it easy for you, we have tried our best to discuss all the types that are available in the market.

#1 Baby video monitors

  • For those parents that want more than sound, these monitors can do wonders. Not to mention, that these come with sound benefits too. This means parents can keep an eye on their babies via LCD displays. 


  • Can be connected to the internet
  • This suggests parents can get live feed from computers anywhere
  • Some models are portable
  • A few have HD display and night vision too


  • Is comparatively expensive than others
  • Is complicated to work with

#2 Baby Sound Monitors

These are the most widely used ones and they come in digital as well as analogue modes. They are easy to read and you hear every single sound that your baby makes while sleeping.


  • Usually are very cost effective
  • Are highly portable devices
  • Simple to use
  • Are practical and safe to use


  • Prenatal baby sound monitors do not provide for any safety after the baby is born as they are different
  • Lack features as an electronic device

#3 Baby Motion Monitors

These were primarily used for babies born with major health issues like premature birth. However, these days they are used as normal baby monitors as they can raise an alarm within 20 seconds of no activity.


  • Can provide you with accurate data
  • Compact in size and considered ideal for travel
  • A reliable option to monitor babies with health complications


  • Loses importance once the baby starts to roll over and crawl
  • Most require hard surface for stable readings like a crib or a flat exterior

The truth about baby monitors

Literally, investing in electronic devices was never regarded that important, you can ask your parents as it is today. You cook on an induction cook top, thaw the chicken in a microwave and wash clothes in a washing machine. Think of it, even the morning coffee comes from a coffee maker! When it comes to vigil your house, you need a security video camera and may be more. In same way, monitoring your baby in a nuclear family, with one spouse or both members going out to earn a living make it all the more difficult. This is why we need a baby monitor and the best baby monitors can make your life easy. We have discussed the advantages of baby monitors in the next section. Do read it carefully. It used to be extremely necessary when you are expecting your next one sooner and you and you need some protection to stay away from the first child who have bad sleeping pattern and you need some good sleep as well.

Benefits of baby monitors

We know in this world of multitasking activities, if you need to keep an eye on your baby, you need to more than an eye. Whether you are outside, some other room or sleeping your mind will be always search for them and think about them and having the right monitoring is very much needed to follow each and every steps of your child. How does a baby monitor help you? Here are some answers to that and we speak from our personal experience:

  • Helps you constantly supervise your child
  • Video monitors can actually make this vigilance safer
  • You can track the sleeping pattern and number of hours your baby is sleeping per day accurately
  • You get some time for yourself and that could even mean peaceful sleeping

10 Best baby monitors



We have curated a list of 10 of the best products in this category keeping in mind every possible segments to look for; feel free to read about them.

#1 Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is no different to any baby monitor because it has been designed to provide you a glimpse of your baby’s room and activities. It differs in only one thing that it has interchangeable lenses and this is indeed is the first of its kind.


  • The interchangeable lens helps you customize the monitor
  • This means you can tilt, zoom and pan as per your requirements
  • LCD display is 3.5 inches
  • Has a long battery life 10 hours in standby mode but can last for 6 hours when operative
  • Comes with an optical lens, if you wish you can buy the wide angle lens
  • Sleek and compact design helps you to put it up with ease
  • Can be expanded to 4 cameras
  • It has temperature monitoring system that informs you if your baby is comfortable
  • LED lights have voice alerts that tell you when your baby is crying


  • No wall mounting facility
  • Weak battery that does not hold the charge

Other than these two problems, this baby monitor is no major trouble giver and that makes it popular without a doubt.

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#2 VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The reason for adding the VTech DM221 into this segment is purely based on its performance. It can reduce sound, cut back on static and cancel feedback of any kind. This implies that you can hear only your baby’s sounds while managing your daily chores.


  • It has a two-way talking system (like an intercom) that enables you to talk to your baby in between
  • DECT 6.0 can cancel white noise and provide you with clear transmission
  • There are two unit, one is parent and the other is baby
  • Comes with 5 level indicator for sound that helps you listen to your baby’s needs candidly
  • Can provide you a charge time of 18 hours with a single charge or may be using 2 AAA batteries


  • The interface looks complicated
  • The battery life could be little annoying
  • Catches white noise (like fans) around the baby and interferes with the reception

In general, this is a reliable baby monitor that you can consider buying while looking for these gadgets.

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#3 Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

Before we even start discussing this product, we must say agree that it has the looks. The bluish baby monitor is very pleasant to the eye and once your baby starts identifying colors, there will be no stopping him or her. The thing that goes heavily into its favor is the brand name of Philips.


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Use of DECT technology helps in noise cancellation
  • Can monitor temperature of your baby’s room
  • The parent unit is rechargeable
  • Can act as a mother with lullabies and comfy night light
  • It has a range of 330 meters
  • Has talk back facility which means you can talk to your baby on your way to their room
  • Can be customized with vibration alert


  • Expect limited reception through the floors
  • Needs constant plugging into the socket for charging

Come on now, it is a Philips product and if you ever invest in it, you will do it for the brand. What more do we have to say?

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#4 Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor, White

This unit allows you to take a peek at the nursery very clearly and also informs whether the temperature is ambient for your baby or not. With a full color display and it’s easy to read screen makes this baby monitor one of the best in the market. This has always featured as a popular product with new parents ever since 1997.


  • Simplistic design makes it a good choice
  • Can temperature that really makes it convenient for parents
  • The unit is portable and rechargeable
  • It provide you with crystal transmission much against the complains with frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 927 MHZ
  • This provides for better sound that serves as a relief for anxious parents
  • This is readily available with topmost online retailers


  • Signal catches static noise at times
  • The sound needs to be worked on
  • The nightlight seems to be too bright

On the whole, this unit is easy to set up and it will pick up static only if the frequency if fidgeted with.

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#5 Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP33 and MBP36 Baby Monitor, Brown with White

The truth is we are discussing Motorola and the most important possession of your life, your baby. Does that sound to be a good combination? You can pair it up with 4 cameras effortlessly and this means you can use additional cameras for stricter vigilance. We had to list this as one the best baby monitors because we found this to be trustworthy of many.


  • You get associated with a brand name Motorola
  • Pairing up with 4 cameras mean you get to view your baby from different angles
  • You can mount it on the wall or let it stand as per your choice
  • You can pan, tilt and in other words control the camera at your wish


  • Has problems with sound as it cuts off at times
  • Is not compatible S version monitors
  • This is one reason why it may produce flaky pictures if used in one

Nonetheless, this unit is a good investment speaking from the perspective of a parent as you have the backup in their customer service at least.

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#6 Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

This is pretty baby monitor that will steal your heart with its attractive blue color to start with. It is a slim and light in weight monitor that helps you keep an eye on your baby round the clock. In addition to this, it must be mentioned that Infant Optics is a leader of quality baby monitors and there are no qualms about it.


  • The TFT LCD screen is of 2.4 inches that provide you with clear vision
  • 4GHz FHSS provides you with able bodied transmission, meaning lucid sound
  • Based on wireless communication, which means you have your privacy intact
  • Can be expanded to 4 cameras
  • Literally, takes plug and play setup
  • VOX facility available
  • Has an auto mute mode to work with


  • Camera produces grainy images
  • Battery does not last long

In spite, of these criticisms, you must be told that it known for its IR night vision and no fuss set up. This certainly makes any gadget favorite with many, let alone harried parents of newborns or toddlers.

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#7 Samsung SEW-3036W BabyVIEW Baby Monitoring System IR Night Vision Zoom 3.5 inch

This is an honorable mention and we cannot deny the weight that the brand Samsung carries. With a 3.5 inch high quality display watching your baby becomes much easier. It has a range of 800 feet that can work uninterruptedly without losing out to microwaves and use of cordless phones.


  • You get 2.4 GHZ signal free of interference secured transmission
  • 2 way talk comforts your baby when there is a need
  • Can be expanded up to 4 cameras
  • Has a VGA camera with a resolution of 640×480
  • Voice activated power save mode in action
  • Night vision works for 15 feet with a low light


  • The range does not work up to its potential
  • Night vision has a problem while in operation

As far as the range is concerned, it can be said that if you are surrounded with too many gadgets in the house, then it could be a fix. Still, people trust the name and prefer this monitor over the not so known ones.

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#8 VTech VM312-2 Safe and Sound Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Two Cameras

This one is bang on your buck with its full motion video provision and 2 inches LCD color display. What make it unique is its 1000 feet of range and the 22 frames of video that help parents to keep a tab on their baby seamlessly. It can be wall mounted which adds to your benefit as you can keep it out of reach of kids and pets both that way.


  • Good looking and certainly one the Best baby monitors
  • Has infrared night vision aspect that can be relied on
  • A 2 two way talk service makes it comforting for the child
  • Has a separate sound as well as activation mode
  • Digital transmission for both audio and visual is secured
  • Camera lens can be adjusted and you can zoom into from the parent unit


  • Batteries are weak as they do not last long
  • The quality of the image could be made better

Still, we would suggest giving it a go as this reasonably priced and is feature rich baby monitor that can keep you out of trouble for long.

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#9 Snuza Hero SE baby movement monitor

No, this is not a cheap Chinese device that we are all scared of, but this is a quality product that gets attached to your munchkin’s diaper and keeps a close vigil. It detects abdominal movements of your baby and keeps a count of 8 movements a minute. In case it does not detect any movement within 15 seconds, then it vibrates on its own to stimulate these abdominal movements in the baby. It has a leeway of 5 more seconds after 3 consecutive Rousing Warnings. Then you will hear a loud alarm to check on your baby. It protects your baby following these steps and lets you sleep in peace too.


  • Is a unique baby monitor
  • Vibration depends on stimulation
  • No cords required


  • You need to check with your little one if they get any rashes with this unit
  • It becomes bit of a problem once your baby starts moving, it may get you tired with false alarms

This is highly portable a baby monitor and you must conduct your own research before investing in it.

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#10 Babysense Hisense 5s Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor, New

You can keep this under the bed or near the crib as this non-touch baby monitor can sense micro movements of the baby. As long it does so, it can tell you that all is well through the sleep mattress. It two sensor pads that make this unit different and if the baby does not make any movement for 20 seconds straight or 10 micro movements a minute, then you will know that your child needs your attention.


  • The alarms are shrill and loud enough with red lights
  • Easy operation makes it a preferred one
  • Works with AA batteries, which signifies no danger of cords involved
  • Is considered a good product for newborn to a year old infants
  • Safe technology in use and it has been around for 20 years


  • In case of disruption in settings, you may fall prey to false alarms
  • Sensitivity levels may differ a lot

Still, we would ask you to take a look at this product in your leisure as this is something that you may not want to throw away.

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It is not easy and no one on this earth will agree if we told you it is a breeze, yet you can make this experience memorable by seeking refuge in advanced gadgets. What we are trying to say here is, putting your baby to sleep may not be an easy thing to do, but keeping a check on them timely is a priority. Once you get a hang of things, you know how to do it your way. However, you must purchase the best baby monitors to make your job easy. There is no single way to work out, but if you follow the tricks we have lain; you will find it easy to manage this task. There is a variety to choose from, but if you read through our reviews, it would be easier for you to figure out which one is the best for you. Don’t worry, take one step at a time and you will rock the show for sure!


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