When my son was just a 3 months old, I have always thought of bringing him out to travel; and I am sure I am not the only one who so curious to travel with the little companion. Now that if you are a hiker, you may be feeling tempted to take your child out into the wilderness, but you may not have the right time for it. If you are carrying a baby for the hike, then chances are high that you may need a baby carrier for your own convenience. So, here I present the best and cutest baby carriers for hiking.

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier, Legion Blue
Clevr Premium Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor Kid Toddler, Red | Lightweight - 5lbs | 1 Year Limited Warranty
phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack, Orange - Compact, Lightweight (4.4lbs) - Holds a 40lb Child - Ergo Fit Harness - Waterproof - Minipack Included - 2 Year Guarantee
Deuter Kid Comfort III Framed Hiking Child Carrier for Infants and Toddlers
Thule Sapling Child Carrier, Dark Shadow/Slate
Kiddy Kiddy Adventure Pack
Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier, Legion Blue
Clevr Premium Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor Kid Toddler, Red | Lightweight - 5lbs | 1 Year Limited Warranty
phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack, Orange - Compact, Lightweight (4.4lbs) - Holds a 40lb Child - Ergo Fit Harness - Waterproof - Minipack Included - 2 Year Guarantee
Deuter Kid Comfort III Framed Hiking Child Carrier for Infants and Toddlers
Thule Sapling Child Carrier, Dark Shadow/Slate
Kiddy Kiddy Adventure Pack
from $429.99
from $116.64
from $599.99
from $238.95
from $139.00
Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier, Legion Blue
Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier, Legion Blue
from $429.99
Clevr Premium Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor Kid Toddler, Red | Lightweight - 5lbs | 1 Year Limited Warranty
Clevr Premium Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor Kid Toddler, Red | Lightweight - 5lbs | 1 Year Limited Warranty
phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack, Orange - Compact, Lightweight (4.4lbs) - Holds a 40lb Child - Ergo Fit Harness - Waterproof - Minipack Included - 2 Year Guarantee
phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack, Orange - Compact, Lightweight (4.4lbs) - Holds a 40lb Child - Ergo Fit Harness - Waterproof - Minipack Included - 2 Year Guarantee
from $116.64
Deuter Kid Comfort III Framed Hiking Child Carrier for Infants and Toddlers
Deuter Kid Comfort III Framed Hiking Child Carrier for Infants and Toddlers
from $599.99
Thule Sapling Child Carrier, Dark Shadow/Slate
Thule Sapling Child Carrier, Dark Shadow/Slate
from $238.95
Kiddy Kiddy Adventure Pack
Kiddy Kiddy Adventure Pack
from $139.00

Guide to hiking with kids on a baby carrier

You will notice that your child also has a thing for nature and adventure. In fact, you can kindle a feeling of love for outdoor sports like this that will not help them stay fit, but also help them think on their feet for the rest of their life. As a result, your child will develop skills like quick decision making and prompt action. Here is a direction to how you can go hiking with your kids:

  • Observation – This is another talent that you pass on to your kids that of being observant. Ask them to look for animal trails, feathers, pug marks, scratches on trees by claws and the likes. This will keep them busy and they will think they are taking active participation in the hike. This will encourage them to keep going.
  • Hydration and food – Keep them well hydrated and fed all the time as that gives them the energy to hike. Again, do not them feed too much that they throw up, but assure them that you have not forgotten about them.
  • Clean and fresh – If you are carrying a baby, then you must keep the baby neat by changing diapers at regular intervals. This is their basic need and they need to be refreshed as well.
  • Weather check – Your kids are your biggest asset and if they get scared of the weather conditions, or you see there is a torrential rain to follow with a thunderstorm, head for home. You can hike later, but do not let this fear seep into them for good.
  • Take rest – Those small feet are not capable of matching your pace, so make use of rest stops whenever possible. Take some time off, it is good for you as well as your child.

Tips for Hiking with Kids

There is nothing that can beat spending quality time with your family and kids. Hiking is no different to this and the sheer fact that you will be hiking with kids makes it more adventurous. Now, you need to be prepared all the time when you have kids on board. We have found you some smart tips that you can employ to make this experience memorable all through all your life.

  • Carry essentials like extra clothes, first aid, sunscreen, hats, bug spray and their favorite toys when you have children hiking with you.
  • Keep them motivated by answering their questions as they may be excited to see a hummingbird.
  • In fact, you must choose a hiking spot that is kid friendly, like the trails have something for them.
  • You will notice, as they grow they prefer spending time with their friends over family, hence inviting a friend can be a good idea.
  • Stop for snacking in between your trails, this adds to the fun, keeps them energized and you will be assured that they remain fed.
  • They will love the mud, let them enjoy, after all, you wanted them to experience nature the way it is, which is why you brought them to this hike.
  • Buy them tennis shoes if hiking shoes look overpriced, but not flip flops for sure.

These are many ways that can transform your hiking with a child even more enjoyable. Be creative and add some of your own tricks to these if possible, we will appreciate if you could share some with us too!

What to bring along?

This is a major concern for new parents as they do not know what exactly they need to carry for a hike. Worry no more, we have got your covered and here is a list of the necessities you may need for your hike:

  • A first aid box
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen as mentioned earlier
  • Band-aids
  • Extra clothing
  • Sweaters (if hiking in mountains)
  • Diapers, if you have a baby
  • Lots of water, more than you can think
  • Wet wipes (especially if your kid is not potty trained)
  • A hiking stick
  • Candies also are known as bribes that are a stipulation to inspire them to walk ahead

How do you hike with a toddler?

This is an age when they need you for certain things and then certain things they know they can manage on their own. They do not need you constantly, but they understand it very well that they cannot do without you. This irritates them more and they cry for your attention all the time. So, this is the age when they can walk a little, but need to be carried for a while too. This may sound like a difficult age, well it is and to be honest they like to inspect a lot as they learning every day. Keep all these in mind to make it worth your time. There is more to this like:

  • There is no need to make the boots, just let wear a pair sneaker and that will do
  • If possible get them a brightly colored water bottle as this stimulates them to drink more water
  • Let them carry something as their gear as they have high self-esteem that you must respect; maybe, look for something like the best kid backpacks to fill this requirement
  • Make sure that your toddler does not go astray, hold on to them most of the time
  • Ensure that you are in a hazard-free zone when camping or letting them off the hook

How to choose a camping backpack?

Selecting a camping backpack could sound to be little apprehensive, especially if you are doing for the first time. To tell you the truth, if you are looking for the perfect one, then you must consider the following things in mind:

  • Look at the capacity of the backpack and you must buy one as per the duration of your trip, like 30 to 50 liters for 2 or 3 days
  • Then you must choose it keeping in mind the length of your torso and you must find the details from the manufacturer
  • Invest in a backpack that has padded shoulders to lift the load off your shoulders
  • The best hiking backpack will have a chest strap to provide you with stability
  • Look for a ventilated backpack that keeps your belongings fresh and does not soak the sweat off your back
  • Most importantly get a waterproof backpack as you want your supplies to remain dry under heavy rainfall
  • Get the one with pockets as you will need one to store baby provisions

When can you put a child in a baby backpack?

This is a big predicament that most new parents face as they do not know the right time to take their babies out for a hike. There is nothing to worry about as you must look into the baby’s requirements first. Is the baby ready to go for a hike? What do you feel as a parent? Nonetheless, we would request our readers not to take babies below 1 month out on a hike. They are too young to take weather changes or the outside air for that matter on the whole. So, we say a big no for newborn hikes and you must keep that in mind too.

  • 1 – 5 months – A front carrier is the best choice for babies of this age as they can adjust their neck and head. Hiking primarily depends on your stamina and you must make sure that your baby remains your priority while hiking.
  • 6 – 14 months – By this time baby starts getting fussy as they can sit up and look around. Make sure that they are well fed and diapered properly. Just keep going till you can and keep them busy by talking to them at regular intervals.
  • 14 months – 4 years – You need what is called a trusted baby backpack carrier at this age. However, toddlers will prefer walking on their own, but that will slow you down. So, let them walk a little and carry for them to some extent.

9 Best Baby Carriers for Hiking

#1 Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier Stand Child Kid Sun Shade Visor Shield Red

This child carrier backpack is reliable as it has a cozy feel to it. Your baby will feel snug sitting in this carrier because of its easy portability. This helps you as well to carry the child on your back and you can carry 4 years old child too in this carrier. The backpack is super light in weight and weighs only 5 pounds!


  • You can use it for a long time as you can carry a baby of 6 months to 4 years in this carrier
  • It distributes weight evenly on your back
  • The metallic frame can be folded to flat when not required
  • Has padded shoulder straps and bolsters
  • These straps can absorb energy that can keep you cool while hiking
  • Can carry up to 40 pounds
  • The canopy is retractable and it can protect the child from the external environment


  • The material expected is to be tougher
  • Lacks headrest that would have helped if your baby fell asleep

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#2 phil&teds Parade Lightweight Backpack Carrier, Orange/Grey

This is a free-standing backpack baby carrier that can carry up to 40 pounds of weight. Now, you can enjoy hands-free baby carrying facilities and can actually take them to the farmer’s market, around the town or even while picking up errands. This colorful backpack carrier is a boon to all parents that like hiking and other outdoor activities.


  • A really cute carrier for babies
  • Parade is light in weight in spite of its aluminum frame
  • It has mesh panels that keep your child ventilated and snug
  • Expect trouble-free loading and unloading of your child with this freestanding carrier
  • Uses fabrics of high grade that are easily washable and are waterproof
  • It has an ergonomic fit for parents that contours your back and does not weigh down your spine
  • For additional support, it has padded shoulder straps and hip belts


  • It lacks a sunshade and a canopy that could have been an added benefit
  • There is a bit of space between your back and the baby, that may concern some parents

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#3 Deuter Kid Comfort 3 – Child Carrier Backpack for Hiking

Deuter has been in business ever since 1898 and they have pioneered innovative technology in child carriers and bike packs. They have a list of stories to share and it must be added that they have learned a lot over the years. This is why they can manufacture sustainable protective gears. Their products are eco-friendly and their VariFlex technology ensures that your child remains ventilated all through the journey.


  • The structure makes all the difference as it is ergonomically designed to suit longer travel needs
  • It is anatomically shaped and is lightweight even with the aluminum frame
  • You can adjust the height and weight
  • Moreover, the weight does not strain your back and it does not dig into your hips
  • Keeps your child safe with a 5 point harness in place
  • The Fair Wear Foundation is a mark of their quality
  • The bluesign® shows that they are environment-friendly
  • It is certified by JPMA that represents it to be child safe


  • This Deuter backpack is really high priced
  • Not recommended for people of average height

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#4 Thule Sapling Child Carrier

If you are a new parent, you will know the importance of a baby backpack for sure. Once you have a quality one, you know visiting the grocery store; walking or even hiking would become less tedious. Thule has come up with a solution in the Sapling backpack. It not only provides you with great support but also allows air to circulate freely. This way the baby stays ventilated and comfortable while you hike.


  • Very easy for parents to handle with hip belts
  • The back panel is totally adjustable
  • This panel remain is well ventilated
  • It has a flexible height and it distributes the weight of the child with its inner thigh support facility
  • Most significantly, this is safe for kids
  • Has ample storage space
  • It has sunshade that can keep your child protected from external factors like leaves, bugs, sun or wind


  • Pretty expensive carrier for babies
  • It makes your top feel heavy and you may need hiking sticks for additional support, especially if you trek mountains

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#5 Kiddy Kiddy Adventure Pack

This is one of those best baby carriers that can carry children up to 40 pounds and has been an instant hit. That is because the manufacturer does not promise, it delivers. In this case, they made it evident that their carriers continue to be light in weight, yet is sturdy and has multiple features that actually perform. In actual fact, hikers find this to be of great use because of:


  • It distributes the weight really well and you feel lighter with less resistance while walking
  • It can effortlessly carry a toddler or child
  • Has sun shade and interestingly a rain shield that keeps the child protected in case you face untimely showers
  • It has a 5 point harness to keep your baby secured
  • The carrier weighs only 3 pounds, but in total can bear 50 pounds along with the gear
  • You can adjust height as per your convenience


  • Ideally speaking, a baby carrier needs to collapse more effectively and into a compact entirety, but it doesn’t
  • The manufacturer needs to provide lucid instructions

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#6 Deluxe Red Baby Toddler Backpack Cross Country Carrier Stand Child Kid Sun Shade

In spite of the metal frame, this carrier manages to be light in weight. It weighs around 5 pounds and can fold completely into flats. Due to its built, this carrier remains sturdy and keeps a 40 pound baby comfortably seated inside it. The good news is this weight gets evenly distributed all over that does not at least provide you with a back-breaking experience. However, if you are looking for anything economic, then this carrier must be it.


  • Brightly colored and this makes it more attractive, especially to kids
  • Has a big storage and that makes it a deal
  • The sunshade really works and keeps your child safe
  • Have thick padded shoulders that assist parents to carry with ease
  • Comes with a kickstand that stands on table for quick loading


  • The shoulder straps for the child lacks padding
  • The bar line also needs padding for kids to rest their head on it while sleeping, clearly, this product missed out on it

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#7 Osprey Packs Poco AG Premium Child Carrier, Ivy Green

One of the cutest baby carriers, this Osprey has made its place in the hearts of parents and babies alike. The ivy green color looks very bright and this backpack sits on parents on the trail very well. The Poco can adjust according to torsos and zippered compartment and pockets that help you organize baby supplies as per your needs. Oh, the child seat is adorned with Cockpit safety with a halo harness that keeps your baby safe. Now, that really is adorable and the ones that sit in to add to its glamour for sure.


  • This can surely help you skip gate checking that is otherwise a problem with strollers
  • The arms actually help the baby to form a cocoon-like protective shell
  • It comes with a drool pad and that certainly is a blessing for many
  • It has dual handles for you to balance it while unloading the child
  • Additional toy attachment makes it a fun ride


  • You have to get used to loading by reading instructions carefully, otherwise, it may not be a pleasant experience
  • The canopy needs to be worked on by the manufacturer

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#8 Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Kid Carrier

Kelty has found the most lovable of names for its carrier, Pathfinder. This Kelty backpack is certainly one of the coolest backpacks that you can come across. The soothing blue color looks mesmerizing and the kickstand actually helps you feed your child right from the backpack. This pathfinder backpack will contour itself according to your body that reduces the feel of the weight on your back. Plus, the storage space can store a lot of things like snacks, diapers, wipes, and bottles. It has more to it that we will discuss in a while.


  • It is light in weight but is made from aluminum
  • This includes a changing pad
  • The child’s seat is padded
  • You can adjust the height
  • It is easy to use
  • You get shoulder straps that are padded and hipbelts
  • It fits you comfortably and you can hike without much of a difficulty


  • Is little pricey for a baby pack
  • It is too heavy a carrier and the straps at times seem uncomfortable too

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#9 Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Cranberry Fire Kid Carrier with Sun Roof and Rain Shield

In general, Deuter packs are built with a lot of care and this one is no exception to this. This is well suited for carrying heavyweight and is an ideal companion for longer travel. This is anatomically shaped and ergonomically built with ultra padded straps and hip belts. The best part about this it can carry babies as well as toddlers for you. The kickstand really comes handy for loading, unloading and even feeding your child while traveling. The brand name itself is a reliable name that has been serving this industry for quite some time now.


  • The pack weighs around 7 pounds, that is to say it is a light in weight pack
  • It has a sturdy built owing to its aluminum frame
  • It is user-friendly and a comfortable alternative to a stroller
  • Comes with rain cover, sunshade, and additional cloth
  • Meets JPMA or Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association standards


  • It is a high priced pack that is a major concern
  • The kickstand is little difficult to use

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In a nutshell, we would like you to choose the best baby carrier that suits your requirements. You need to be very assured of the products you use especially when your baby is at stake. There is nothing much more important to take care of than this and your baby’s comfort must be your first concern. So, choose a carrier that is safe and keeps your baby protected in the best possible ways according to you. This should do it and you would not require anything more.

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