10 Tips for Babysitter


Babysitting is becoming a prime job for many young women to learn responsibility and earn a wage. Managing a kid is difficult, no matter what their age is. A toddler can be a handful as they tend to run around a lot. One moment they can introduce you to their imaginary friend, another moment they can paint a wall with the crayons. Managing a teenager is another difficult job as they can be rebellious and they may don’t want to listen to you. But you have to figure out a way of coping with it.

#1 Smile:

Always remember, your smile can win the heart of the parents you are babysitting for. The minute you walk through the door, your smile would make you look easier to approach. Your smile along with your friendly behavior will make you that you’re a perfect friendly companion for their kid. The smile will also make the children want to be with you.#2 Clarify duties and expectations:

Prior to the hiring, ask all the questions you want to know about your job. Ask very clearly that what they are expecting from you. Know all the questions like how much TV or video game is allowed. Know the time the kids are expected to be in bed. Make a note about keeping track of the bedtime, playtime and follow the note. All these will give you insights about many aspects which will come in handy. Ask about the kids, what the likes, when’s their birthday, what’s their favorite color. These basic questions will help you get friendly with the kids. Ask them if they need you to clean the house, ask everything about the customer service.#3 Establish boundaries:

Know their regular afterschool schedule from the parents. What is the schedule and how would you improvise the schedule.  Have a discussion about these all with the parents with the kids around. Because the children need to learn that the parents and the babysitter are in the same page and the children have to obey the sitter. When you would make the children do homework, create a study-time boundary to not to drag the study session all night. The best way to do that has a plan to make things work.#4 Play with them:

It is a good idea to play with the kids at first as it makes the ice melt. So you can encourage them to be a little bit playful before you push them to the books. A study reveals that even an hour of playtime helps them to settle down. But in the way of being easy with them, please do not turn the TV on as it distracts the kids’ mindset. They may not want to study.

#5 Provide snack:

Every kid would want some snack after coming back from school. It gives them the required energy to start homework right way. Always try to opt for whole food like fruit, or some whole grain snack as it is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Fruits often give an immediate energy boost without overloading the sugar amount. Some nutritionists suggest feeding the children complex carbohydrates and protein as a snack before the study.#6 Make a productive environment:

You will always have to be a leader of the children while you will help them doing homework. Being a leader, your work would be keeping the distraction away from them and providing them with a routine for schoolwork. You can’t keep all the distractions away from the children but you can always turn off the TV and stay off the phone. Provide the children breaks between the subjects and try to keep the knowledge levels down.#7 Get safety training:

You need to do this as it is an important part of being a babysitter. The safety training would make you “marketable” for the potential families, who would hire you to babysit their kid. As with the CPR and first aid training, you can handle any emergencies very confidently. The families would show better trust, and you can make better money from the families showing your safety training. Acquire a certificate in FA/CPR training, and this could make you a highly sought babysitter and you can definitely make a lot of money.#8 Reward good work:

Never negatively reinforce the children. If you nag them or punish them, they would easily be annoyed and they won’t like you. So instead of giving them a negative approach, reward them with something when they successfully complete a work they are assigned to do. Use a positive approach while taking to them like “You can watch TV after your homework is done” instead of “No TV until you do your homework”. Psychologists say that rewarding approach works better than a negative approach.#9 Solve problems:

Solving problems is a great option to make you reliable in front of the parents. Act like a leader in front of them and the parents would know you can supervise the kids better, don’t let the children fight for something, instead analyze and study the situation and solve the problem. After the parents come home, tell the situation to them and make them understand you did this completely depending upon the circumstance. Always come prepared and read some blogs about managing conflict amongst the children and use your own judgment to solve.#10 Expand your network:

Expanding your network is a good option to get more work. Ask the families you worked for to get in touch. If they do not need you, ask them to recommend you to their friend/neighbor who needs a babysitter. When you get a referral of somebody, always thank them for this and appreciate it with a thank you note, or buy them a gift. When people are not acknowledged for doing something for you, they would stop sending you to the people they know. In short, take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

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